September 22, 2020

Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture says they will support ban on Paraquat


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iNews Cayman has been shouting out loud the need for a ban on the deadly herbicide Paraquat. We have supported the Care2 action alert petition site to ban Paraquat in the Cayman Islands.

We have written and published lead stories and editorials on the dangers of the toxic poison that has no antidote.

We have warned that it is only a matter of time when a child is going to die from Paraquat poisoning.

We are not the only media organisation that has warned of the dangers of Paraquat.

Recently 20 dogs have died form Paraquat poisoning and it would appear it has been deliberately executed by a person or persons unknown.

The finger of blame for the importation and selling of Paraquat was pointed at the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture but they have issued a statement saying, they have not stocked the poison [Paraquat] for 3-years and are unsure where it is available for sale in Cayman.

They also said they [Department of Agriculture] would not stand in the way of a countrywide ban of the deadly herbicide Paraquat.

Both these statements are attributed to a CITN/Cayman27 news story aired last Friday (22].

There has been no comment on whether they have signed or will sign the Care2 petition nor whether they themselves will be approaching government to implement a ban on the importation, selling, purchasing and using Paraquat.



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