May 12, 2021

Cayman Islands CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy – Hurricane Relief – Anguilla

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The Cayman Islands Government has arranged Hurricane Relief for our Caribbean neighbors in Anguilla who experienced extensive damage during Hurricane Irma. CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy was contacted by HSA asking to contribute medical supplies and medication for the people of Anguilla. Our materials management team (Naomi Clery & Damion Tomlin) stepped into action arranging medical supplies that were essential to Hurricane Relief. Our Home Healthcare Advisor Jocelyn McLeod also stepped up to support Anguilla with braces and support products. Maureen Gipple & Simone Davis also acted as leading Pharmacists in arranging crucial medications for the Anguilla communities.

Our staff is fully aware of the devastation a hurricane can have on an island in the Caribbean. CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy stands with our neighbors in Anguilla and hopes to have their supplies to arrive Tuesday September 12th. While our pharmacy was put to the test in arranging Hurricane Relief supplies; our team still fully operated with its daily operations in supplying prescriptions and pharmaceutical one on one counseling to the people of the Cayman Islands.

CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy wants everyone in the Cayman Islands to contribute and respond to Hurricane Irma’s devastating damages. Our staff encourages the support and relief efforts to our Caribbean neighbors. At CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy we are a part of the Caribbean family and want to open the spectrum in ‘Taking Care of Your Health’.

IMAGE: Naomi Clery & Damion Tomlin

ABOUT CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy:

You can trust CTMH Doctors Hospital with the health of your entire family. At CTMH Doctors Hospital, we know how much you care about your family’s health, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional health care to you and your loved ones – this includes our Pharmacy services.

At CTMH Doctors Hospital we have our own in-house pharmacy team, CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy from the Cayman Pharmacy Group. Formally known as ‘Professional Pharmacy’. This rebranding coincides with the new blue and exceptional care close to home.

Just picking up a refill? No need to go any further…CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy is located in our lobby for convenient access.

Our pharmacy services include: Home Health Care Items, Diabetes Education, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Compounding, Health Education and Pharmaceutical Counselling, and so much more!

Call 946-2407 to learn how CTMH Doctors Hospital Pharmacy and the Cayman Pharmacy Group are working together to take care of your health!

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