May 2, 2023

Cayman Islands: Coordinated rescue of vessel in distress in North Sound with members of the public last Sat, 22 July

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Coordinated Rescue of Vessel in Distress in North Sound with Members of the Public Last Saturday, 22 July

Just before 7PM on Saturday, 22 July, the 9-1-1 Communications Centre dispatched police to a call from a person on board a boat in North Sound, between Stingray City and Safe Haven, that was having engine trouble and taking on water.  Five adults and one child were on the boat, which was an 18ft. Striper.

Joint Marine officers were mobilized from the Marine Base and the police helicopter also responded; the Port Authority was also notified and sent VHF hails to any vessels in the area near the boat.  The police helicopter arrived quickly on scene and canvassed the area to make contact with nearby vessels. A Pontoon boat responded and diverted toward the sinking boat; shortly thereafter a second vessel also responded to the area and began assisting towing the boat-in-distress toward the West Bay Yacht Club.

The Joint Marine Vessel Typhoon came alongside the boats when they were just outside the Yacht Club channel, and marine officers confirmed that all on board the boat-in-distress were safe and did not require medical attention.

“We would like to acknowledge the quick response of boat captain Mike Nelson of ‘Blue Horizon’ and boat captain Justin Rankine of ‘Trouble’ to the area and thank them for the assistance they rendered,” said Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks, Head of Specialist Support Operations, “both of these vessels are commercial tourist vessels that were engaged in charters at the time with paying patrons, but their captains did not hesitate to help others in need even though this put them off schedule.  They demonstrated that the safety of life at sea is paramount and is a shared responsibility.”

Photos taken from police helicopter:

-Picture #1-  “Blue Horizon” begins towing the boat-in-distress

-Picture #1-  “Trouble” takes over towing the boat from “Blue Horizon


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