October 24, 2020

Cayman Islands: Caribbean Agriculture Week a success


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opening-dg_1601opening_1554Cayman Islands officials are pleased that, having recently hosted of Agriculture (CWA2016), participants are reporting benefits that range from securing equity-partnerships, to marketing techniques for chefs in the hospitality industry.

Some tangible outcomes include a commitment to re-examine barriers to regional trade, to establish a regional network of culinary professionals, and the formation of a new cadre of communicators – derived from the CWA group of young media professionals who attended the Cayman event.

opening_1589opening_1618Minister for Agriculture the Hon. Kurt Tibbetts expressed appreciation for the over-300 delegates who came from throughout our region, as well as the Pacific Islands, and who took away objective outlooks for the future of agriculture in their respective countries.

Congratulating all involved in making CWA2016 a success, the Minister said, “This is the first time that CARICOM Associate Member Territory has hosted this prestigious event, and I am proud that the feedback from all quarters has been outstanding. Special thanks to the Department of Agriculture and other public servants, including police officers, customs and immigration officials, as well as members of the private sector, for their exceptional service and dedication to duty – which contributed to the success of CWA2016.”

vip_1540opening_1576The week of seminars and workshops was focused on developments, opportunities and government initiatives relating to the agriculture sector. Held from 24 to 28 October 2016, the conference was attended by Ministers of Agriculture, their , , as well as senior CARICOM Officials and other delegates. Farmers, chefs and interested young people also came for the week.

“I especially thank all of the public servants who, alongside representatives from the private sector, displayed an exceptional service and dedication to duty – that ensured the success of CWA2016,” added .

This year’s theme was “investing and food and agriculture”, and strides were made in connecting investors and producers, while also emphasising the need for greater marketing and salesmanship for the wholesome foods of the Caribbean.

Chief Officer Alan Jones noted that the Marketplace showcase, held at Camana Bay, served to bridge the gaps between producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. In addition to displaying the diverse services and opportunities for regional farming, it encouraged a more joined-up approach to marketing and selling wholesome foods and other agri-related products from across the Caribbean.

Tourism Councillor Joseph Hew, who chaired the CWA2016 organizing committee. also applauded everyone involved in making the Week a success, and especially commended the private sector and the farming community for partnering with the regional bodies to make the event both memorable and mutually-beneficial.

“A big ‘thank-you’ to everyone who assisted, especially the local organising committee – which was comprised of public- and private-sector representatives,” added councillor Hew. “They did an outstanding job overseeing the event on behalf of the Ministry.”

For information on the Caribbean Week of Agriculture, and a wide selection of articles and documents resulting from the event, please visit the website: http://www.cwa2016cayman.com/ or facebook.com/Caribbean Week of Agriculture

Photo captions:

Participants enjoy CWA2016.

Officials at the opening ceremony.

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