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Cayman Islands & BVI Tax Evasion Files link spectacular Secret Services Dark Jet Clip Carroll Trust Case

Further to our story “Billion-dollar tax evasion fraud case now linked to Cayman Islands” that appeared in iNews Cayman’s online edition on May 29th concerning the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust being in the centre of Britain’s longest running, largest criminal conspiracy and corruption scandal in modern economic history.

There was speculation in that article that the Cayman Islands could be linked. This latest story would seem to have found the link:

It has emerged that new explosive FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files contain specimen exhibits of the fraudulent State of Delaware registered Carroll Global Corporations which are understood to be linked to a startling array of forged and falsified HSBC International Bahamas, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands and BVI offshore numbered bank accounts.

It is understood that Coutts & Co dummy banking arrangements effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

The UK Companies House “registered” Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd forms an integral part of the investigation as this structure was utilised within a multiple “name switch operation” to provide a screen off for the embezzlement of millions of dollars of the Carroll Foundation’s liquid funds believed to have been held on deposit in these fraudulent offshore accounts.

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Note: Our previous story also said:

“It has been confirmed that the Warren Park estate fraud scandal is also directly linked to the much wider billion-dollar bank fraud heist spanning three continents. Further sources have disclosed that forged and falsified HM Land Registry Carroll Global Corporation legal documentation effectively impulse this huge fraud directly linked to fraudulent HSBC 8-12 Victoria Street Westminster London numbered bank accounts and Coutts Bank Strand London forged banking arrangements.”

To find the May 29th article here is the direct link:


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