March 8, 2021

Cayman Islands Brexit consult begins

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The Cabinet Office is seeking the public’s views on the impact on the Cayman Islands of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union (EU), popularly known as Brexit.

Persons may email feedback to [email protected] by Friday 27 January 2017. Input will be collated and used to help develop a formal position for the Cayman Islands that will be shared with the United Kingdom (UK) Government and Overseas Territories peers at an upcoming meeting on the topic.

In preparation for this meeting the Cabinet Office and wider Government has been considering various matters, including:

  1. Current benefits that the Cayman Islands receives due to the UK being a member of the EU (including the European Development Fund and other horizontal funds, freedom of movement and borders, access to the EU Single Market, memberships to organisations, etc);
  1. The legal, policy, economic, commercial, social and other implications for the Cayman Islands as a result of the UK leaving the EU;
  1. The legal, policy, economic, commercial, social and other opportunities for the Cayman Islands as a result of the UK leaving the EU; and
  1. How Brexit might impact Caymanians personally, for example those travel or studying abroad.

While Government wants to hear from the public on any matters arising from Brexit which they believe could affect the Cayman Islands, it believes the above may also serve as a reference point for consideration by the public – whether individuals or businesses.

Urging members of the public to share their views Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose observes: “In addition to being a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands is an international financial services centre that has a very diverse population. As such it is inevitable that we would be affected by an event of such far-reaching effect on international relations.”

“This special JMC meeting is our first opportunity to formally present the UK with our position in relation to the UK’s exit from the EU and we want to use it to reflect the view of the Caymanian public,” Rose adds.

Government will present a consolidated local viewpoint at the first meeting of the UK-Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council on European Negotiations (JMC-OT EN) in early February. The creation of the JMC-OT EN was agreed in November 2016, at the annual meeting of leaders of the Overseas Territories and the United Kingdom Government.

The Cabinet Secretary notes that interested persons will have further opportunities to provide feedback, as negotiations continue between the UK and the EU.

Visit the Cabinet Office’s website on for further information.


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