October 1, 2022

Cayman Islands: Arts and Music Event

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By John Ketterer


This July I will be embarking on the Mongol Rally; 125 cc’s, a tent, some clothes and a sense of adventure will take me across one third of the earth’s surface.This eccentric and possibly absurd journey from London to Mongolia is a race for charity. The reason I am taking this adventure is to show my students that hard work dedication and commitment pay off. Last year i was hit by a car on New Years Eve. My speech was off and my coordination suffered. It was hard to do the most menial tasks let alone go back to work teaching my students. After I was released I returned to Cayman Islands and went right back to work at Hope Academy. I had a great staff who assisted me and as a special education teacher, I was able to show my students that hard work does pay off. I had to relearn many names and my memory was suffering. I never thought I would be utilizing the same strategies I was teaching my math students but it proved to be a great opportunity to show my students how it is done.

The rally wanted us to raise $1000 for a charity named Cool Earth. When I first registered for this trip I didn’t realize how much I could raise for these charities. So when I found out about ARK trying to rebuild a roof for a local resident I decided to bring that spirit of raising money back home. On June 2nd we are planning to have an Arts and Music Block Party at Salty’s in Grand Harbour. We have a load of musicians and are looking for a few more artists to come join. All the proceeds will go to help “Raise the Roof” for ARK. I am an ambitious guy so I have set my expectations high and could use the help along the way. I was hoping that you could give this event a bit of a mention to aid me in raising money, acquiring sponsors and spread a positive message. I have included my website address if you would like to learn more about me or the Mongol Rally.

Thank you,

John Ketterer

For more on this story go to: https://johnmketterer.wixsite.com/onthego

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