June 25, 2022

Cayman Islands animal rescue group seeking home for rescued pup

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unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamedFrom CARE – Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiast

Courtesy posting for Padme!

We have been contacted to help the wonderful family who rescued this sweet pup as they now would like to place her in her forever home.

Meet Padme (think Star Wars), this adorable doll – who we think might just grow into those ears, is approximately 3 – 4 months old. She is a very loving girl who was rescued from a building site when she was very small. Since her rescue she has been in foster care with the good Samaritans who saved her and here is what they have to say about her –

She has a great personality. Loves people and other dogs. She plays well with other dogs, understands the appropriate level of play with them, which we found most surprising considering she didn’t likely spend much time with her siblings. Overall, she is such a sweet dog, I genuinely mean that. She greets you immediately upon arriving, always wants to be close to you, seeks to please. For being a stray young puppy and having to fend for herself, I was quite shocked to see all of these wonderful traits in her.

She is not quite house trained yet although I believe she is quite close. She has yet to have a poop accident in the house and only has occasional pee accidents. I think this is largely because she drinks lots of water due to playing with our other dog and still has a relatively small bladder. Upon taking her in, we immediately began crate training her and are seeing positive results.

She’s a chewer to the extent that she is a puppy and is teething. We have lots of toys for her to choose from to chew on and therefore she has not destroyed or touched any furniture.

Padme has been to the vet and is all around good in health, she has had her first vaccination, deworming and flea preventative, she is booked for her second vaccination along with her Spay surgery which is being sponsored by CARE. She will then need one final vaccination to be covered for the year.

If you would like to meet Padme or know more about giving her a forever home please contact Matt on 916 2249

Please be a voice for those without by passing this e-mail on and help spread the word.

This is a community service appeal offered by CARE in the hope to spread the word and find a forever home for Padme. This dog is not a CARE dog and therefore any questions should be directed to the contact listed above.

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