May 28, 2022

Cayman Islands airport agencies executes safety walk

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DSCN0649 DSCN0650 DSCN0716ORIA F.O.D. Walk 2014

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (18 December, 2014) The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) held its annual Foreign Object Debris (F.O.D) Walk on Tuesday, 16th December. The end of year event was organized by CIAA’s Safety Management Team as a way to encourage all the airport partners to do their part to ensure that the Owen Roberts International Airport’s (ORIA) runway is clear of any debris.

The main objectives included raising awareness about the dangers of foreign debris, clearing debris from all Airport Operating Areas and helping various airport agencies learn more about what type of foreign object debris to look out for at the airport.

All the participating agencies were split into teams that covered different sections of the airport to identify and remove any debris. CIAA’s senior manager, safety management systems, Andrew McLaughlin said, “We were very pleased with the outcome since very little debris was found. This is a good indicator that we are doing a good job in keeping the runway free from foreign objects.” He also thanked all the participating agencies for their support including Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS), Flowers Air Dispatch Services (FADS), Cayman Dispatch Services (CDS), United Airlines, Air Agencies, Island Air, Blue Skies Airlines and CIAA.


  1. Fire officers on the F.O.D walk
  2. A fire officer removes debris from the runway
  3. CIAA’s senior manager, safety management systems, Andrew McLaughlin (first person on left) joins the FADS team on the F.O.D walk



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