October 25, 2020

Cayman Islands air arrivals start strong in 2015


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IMG_5836.JPG-cayman-airways-plane-unloading-300x200Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (March 31, 2015) 2015 visitation to the Cayman Islands continues to grow to with a 7.6% increase in stay over visitors. The destination has continued its 2014 record breaking trend with 2015 February arrivals growing by almost five thousand people for the first two months of the year, compared to 2014.

Deputy Premier and Tourism Minister, the Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, “These results are even more significant when you consider that January and February 2014 were the highest for any January or February on record. The Cayman Islands is regarded as a premier destination of choice, which is evidenced not just by our growing numbers but by the accolades we have received in 2014. This speaks to the efforts made by the DOT and our tourism partners to distinguish ourselves in ways that are welcoming and wholly satisfying to the visitor experience,” he said.

A total of 70, 164 people came to the Cayman Islands as stay over guests for the first two months of the year, while a total of 344, 828 cruise passengers visited our shores in that same time period.

Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism commented: “The growth in arrival figures is an encouraging kick start to 2015 and highlights the proactive steps that have been taken such as working closely with industry partners on robust marketing plans, are certainly paying dividends. Clearly, the message about the Cayman Islands being a sought after destination for families, couples, divers, food enthusiasts, and weddings as well as those simply seeking sun, sea and sand, is reaching our intended target market.”

Councillor in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Joseph Hew says, “The accomplishments seen thus far in 2015 are simply fantastic. Each year the Cayman Islands continue to attract visitors who are seeking our Caymankind experience that can be found “Only in Cayman”. These wonderful experiences lead to happy visitors and help us to see our reputation growing as the leading luxury Caribbean destination year over year.”

Cruise arrivals saw a decline in February arrivals due to the number of weather related schedule changes. Eight cruise ships were unable to visit Cayman as scheduled. This led to a slight decline in cruise arrivals by 3.64 percent or 13, 022 passengers when compared to February 2014 arrivals.

For more detailed information about arrival statistics, please visit the website, http://www.caymanislands.ky/statistics


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