November 27, 2021

Cayman Islands Adventist Academy donates over $3,000 to Cancer society

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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 2.24.44 PMStudents attending Cayman Academy last Friday (5) presented a cheque for CI$3,389.60 to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, as they displayed their support for the battle against cancer faced by many in our community.

The student body, accompanied by the Gideon Marching Band of the Savannah Adventist Church, made the walk from the Walkers Road school compound to the Cancer Society location adjacent to the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Receiving the cheque, resulting from contributions from students at the school who collected from family and friends, Cancer Society Operations Manager Jennifer Webber fought to keep back the tears of gratitude.

cayman-academy-donates-to-cancer-societyIn addressing the students, some of the youngest of whom contributed the largest sums to the fund, Webber explained that every cent would go to supporting the fight of cancer patients, many of whom face severe financial constraints that come with this illness.

The presentation of the donation was a highlight of the school´s annual Cancer Awareness and Health Week. The week of activities at the school coincides with World Cancer Day, observed globally on Thursday (4 February, 2016).

Cayman Academy, which has been making annual contributions to the Cancer Society since January 2010, has contributed some $7,000 so far, the largest to come from any of Grand Cayman´s schools.

Presenting the donation was Cayman Academy´s charities organizer, Mrs. Sofia Hamilton, who told students that with their help the battle against cancer could be won. Also on hand for the presentation were the school´s principal, Dr. O’Neil Duncan, The Education Director for the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Dr. Ivor Harry; and H.S.A president, Mrs. Angeline Shillingford.

Speaking separately about the donation, Mrs. Hamilton said that “special commendations must go to Year 1 students for collecting the most money.¨ Kindergarten students collected the second highest sum, and Year 4, the third highest.

“We thank the parents and teachers of these classes – Miss Tracey-Ann Trail, from Year 1; the team of Mrs. Judith Gordon and Ms June Davidson from Kindergarten, and our newest member of staff, Ms Ann Marie Roache – for motivating the students to strive for Christian ideals,” Mrs. Hamilton said.

Cayman Academy’s 2016 Cancer Awareness and Health Week programme of activities was organized under the theme of “Stride against Cancer,” in line with the global theme for the fight against this disease that continues to claim so many lives.

According Mrs. Hamilton, the school’s alignment with the Cancer Society’s efforts was initiated by current and past members of staff Carla McGarvey, Mrs. Elivise Guzman and Nadine Manning-Turner, respectively, two of whom are volunteers at the society.

The school’s 2016 week of continued cancer awareness activities was organized around how to prevent the risk of cancer through diet and physical activity. For example, a poster competition depicted ways to maintain good health and minimize cancer risks.

Winners of the poster competition at the high school, earning them gift vouchers, were a group of Grade 10 students, Ariana Forbes, Rozandy Giscombe, Renee Bennett and Aviella Eugene. Grade 7 students took second place. The winner for the primary school was Rachel Pascal, while Alejandro Barrett took second place.

In line with the focus on preventive health, Grade 12 students Head Girl Althea Miller and Head Boy Timothy Munroe, under the guidance of homeroom teacher Ms Hilreth Morgan, made two interesting and informative Power-Point presentations, respectively, on “Dress Code for Men and Women” and “The Poisons We Eat.” Both presentations were well researched and provided vital information on how the clothing and food can be injurious to health, organisers said.

Among the week’s activities, also, students wrote poems, songs and messages of cheer to victims of cancer and their families.

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