October 21, 2021

Cayman Islands 2016 Half-Yearly Crime Statistics Show Large Drops in Serious Crimes, but Spike in Lower-Level Offences

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Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.34.32 PMFrom RCIPS

2016 Half-Yearly Crime Statistics Show Large Drops in Serious Crimes, but Spike in Lower-Level Offences Increases Overall Crime Rate by 10%

Today, Thursday, 14 July, the RCIPS held a press conference on the release of the crime statistics for the first six months of 2016. Overall, the statistics reflect a significant drop in serious crimes but higher numbers of lower-level offences. The aggregate crime rate has increased by 10.15% over the same period last year.

Burglaries and attempted burglaries, often considered the most stubborn crimes on the islands, have decreased 34% and 31%, respectively, thanks in part to increased detections and arrests in past months; however, this improvement has been offset by an increase in “volume offences” such as theft, threatening offences and domestic violence. Serious assaults and robberies also increased notably during this period, although, in positive contrast to last year, there have been no murders.




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“Whatever positive or negative trends these numbers may indicate, public perception and public confidence are just as important as crime statistics,” said Anthony Ennis, Acting Commissioner of Police, “and I know that some feel that crime is a real problem on the islands, even though serious crimes have decreased 25%. The increase in volume offences may be contributing to this sense, as well as the fact that a person whose home was recently burgled will probably not be encouraged by the drop in burglaries. I respect that.

The public wants to feel more secure. For this reason we have begun initiatives to increase police visibility and presence across the island.”

Another area of increased activity in the past six months has been firearm recoveries and arrests. Thanks in part to a new deployment pattern that has improved overall coverage of the islands by armed officers with the Uniform Support Unit, firearm arrests have increased nearly three-fold since the same period last year. Seven firearms, one BB gun, and one adapted flare gun have been confiscated.

“That’s nine fewer guns on the street thanks to brave efforts by our armed officers, who face risks every day in their jobs,” said Kurt Walton, Chief Superintendent. “With every weapon they’ve confiscated, they may have prevented a tragedy. We are asking the community to work with us more to keep guns off the street. If people see something, let us know, even anonymously.”

Traffic statistics for 2016 reflect a 10% increase in traffic enforcement, especially speeding enforcement, which increased 28%. Traffic accidents across the islands increased by 19%, but there has been a decrease in fatalities. Operations targeting specific road safety issues as well as general enforcement continue to be executed across the islands on a regular basis.

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