March 30, 2020

Cayman Islands: 2-Session coaching for senior staff, training programs and more…


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From Inspired Lifestyles with Donna

ever think, “What About Me?”  
Are you the solutions person?  The person people come to.  Are you the boss or Head of a Department?   Need some work-life
balance coaching, greater clarity, a solution to a problem or
just someone to talk to confidentially?  Schedule a 2-Session
Coaching with Donna, in person or on-line.

Program and Training Concepts for Excellence in Business and Lifestyle

Ice bergs just might be what I see on my upcoming trip home to Newfoundland, Canada in August.  Book a 2-session coaching session for yourself, or for someone who may benefit, before the end of July. 

Welcome to new subscribers met during the CISHRP Conference at the Ritz in May.

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