September 18, 2020

Cayman International School wins KPMG Brain Bowl Academic Tournament


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Cayman International School (CIS) was awarded first place after winning a tie breaker in the final round against Clifton Hunter High School at the KPMG BrainBowl Academic Tournament on May 18. Cayman Prep and High School placed third.

Seven schools participated in three sessions, which demonstrated their knowledge on various subjects such as mathematics, English, science and current events. The aim of the competition was to unite local schools and encourage pupils to stretch their academic abilities, work as a team and develop their critical thinking skills. These are the same skills that we look at when recruiting KPMG employees and scholarship candidates.

The Honorable Minister of Education Rolston Anglin and Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues were in attendance to show their support. Teachers, parents and attendees enjoyed the excitement of the tournament. They watched as the students participated in each round, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the topics. The students became more competitive as the tournament progressed creating an exciting and intense atmosphere. Moses Ebanks, CIS student, stated “The KPMG Brain Bowl was definitely a unique experience in which I felt challenged to express my knowledge on certain topics. The competition was definitely a fun experience, which I’d recommend to any high school student. Given the chance, I plan on competing again next year.”

 “The KPMG Brain Bowl Academic Tournament challenged and recognized the academic capabilities of our youth. We wanted to do something different that reached out to the youth and highlights their intellectual achievements. The Brain Bowl provided the opportunity for local students to experience academic competition with their student peers across the Island.” Sheenah Hislop, Partner and Head of Local Recruitment stated. Congratulations to Cayman Academy, Clifton Hunter High School, Cayman International School, Cayman Prep and High School, John Gray High School, St. Ignatius Catholic School and Triple C School on their achievements at the KPMG Brain Bowl.

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