March 22, 2023

Cayman International School classroom expansion complete

New Classroom C New Classroom D New Classroom A

21st Century Classrooms
Phase Two of the Cayman International School Classroom Expansion is Complete

With a current student body of over 580 students, Cayman International School’s (CIS) continues to experience annual growth and the increased enrollment requires facility expansion. The CIS Phase Two expansion has been completed to include two new Elementary classrooms, four new multi-functional Secondary classrooms, two new Student Support centers, and one Video/Media room. Spaces are thoughtfully designed and equipped with contemporary furniture that allows increased mobility and flexibility of the classroom layout.
With the ability to adjust the chairs and work stations, these 21st century ergonomic classrooms allow

students and teachers to maximize the learning experience without the confinement of a specific setting. Classroom furniture is on casters and is easily moved. Desks can be raised to allow for students to stand while they learn and work together. Furthermore, the strategy allows for classrooms to be converted or rearranged for a variety of lesson designs and multi-functional purposes. “Classroom design is a fundamental element of teaching and learning. It reflects educational philosophies and can have a significant impact on student engagement and achievement”, said Dr. Jeremy Moore, CIS Director.

The idea for this type of classroom stemmed from current research in educational space designs, observations of other innovative international schools, as well as the input from members of the faculty and administration. Research was conducted on classroom design concepts that embrace 21st Century learning and progressive pedagogical approaches, and the most suitable design was chosen to accommodate the needs to expand the school’s current infrastructure. Through the collaboration of various local companies, the second phase of expansions and renovations were completed in time for the New Year.

New Classroom BThe expansion project has been contracted to DECCO Ltd. and lead by Project Manager, Nick Natale. Mr. Natale worked with CIS in the past as he was the Project Manager for the completion of Phase One in
2014. “The expansion project was designed to take place in three phases with the majority of construction taking place each time over the long summer holidays. [The teams] that collaborated, drew on the lessons learned from Phase One of the expansion project, and also drew on individual expertise and strong teamwork throughout.” Mr. Natale looks forward to future expansion projects of the school and commented that, “It has been a pleasure working with [the administration] and all of the staff at CIS over the past 2 years. Phase three expansions start in June 2016 and will add a second floor onto Building E to provide new classroom space, along with additional washroom facilities and the covering of two stairwells.”

DECCO and DART Enterprises, have a long history with CIS. The company was contracted to build the school’s infrastructure for International School Services (ISS), which is the governing body of CIS. The original school buildings were donated and dedicated in 2006 through the William and Claire DART Foundation. They share in CIS’s desire to provide a high quality of education. “CIS is an independently run school but its commitment to excellence and to positively shaping the social, economic and environmental well-being of future generations is one which aligns well with the Dart group of companies. At the core of our business relationship we are landlord and tenant; but our commitment to education, to excellence and to our youth make us partners in many, many ways”, said Mr. Mark VanDevelde, CEO of Dart Enterprises Ltd.

In recent years, CIS has made great strides towards the achievement of a modern learning experience with a focus on progressive teaching and learning. Classrooms are equipped with Smart boards; there is currently a 1:1 iPad program in the Elementary School; Secondary teachers and students often use Google classroom resources and do much of their classwork from a laptop or similar device; students have access to a large variety of online options to expand course offerings; e-textbooks and other digital resources have been adopted; the school developed its first “Makerspace”; and there’s the addition of new technology such as a 3D printer. At CIS, learning is focused on student-centered philosophies, and modern approaches to teaching. This includes Project Based Learning which is a vital aspect of the school curriculum. CIS is committed to excellence and high quality schooling and will continue its growth and advancement toward becoming a world-class educational institution.

For more information or other inquiries please contact the school’s Marketing/Communication Officer at the contact information provided above.


New Classroom A: The standard layout of the new classrooms. Furniture on casters provide increased mobility and flexibility of the classroom layout.
New Classroom B: Student has adjusted the height of the chair to his comfort level

New Classroom C: Secondary Students rearrange the desks and chair to be able to engage in a group activity

New Classroom D: Classroom transformed.

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