August 19, 2022

Cayman: HRC keeps human rights at the forefront of COVID regulation and Public Health discussions

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The Cayman Islands remains in good stead in comparison to many countries around the world which continue to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through early actions and preventative measures the Islands now enjoy a minimal suppression level which translates to minimal requirements to wear masks in select locations and instances, limited social distancing, removal of the shelter-in-place curfew and more.

The Human Rights Commission remains vigilant and attentive to human rights matters in relation to the ongoing amendment/developments of local COVID-19 legislation. The Commission continues to observe matters, such as the restrictions on travel, quarantine and the recent vaccination program, and reassures the public that the situation is being monitored. Further, the Commission is in communication with the relevant authorities to ensure and confirm the continued consideration of the human rights implications of the decisions made to maintain or change any COVID-related rules. This includes ensuring that there is a constant assessment by the relevant authorities of the appropriate balance between the public health measures in response to the pandemic and principles of human rights and natural justice (such as lawful administrative action, public interest tests and the proportionality of the measures in place.)


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