July 2, 2020

Cayman: HHM Banks and Back Regatta Oct 12-13


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The Cayman Islands Sailing Club (CISC) have announced an event that takes place over two days, Sat Oct 12 and Sun Oct 13. It comprises a race from HARBOUR HOUSE BANKS AND BACK.


The start will be from the CISC and finish in the vicinity of Sunset House.

The course length is approximately 29 miles.

A ferry service will be available to 6 pm,

There will be a massed start at 10.00 am. The first warning signal will be at 9.55 am

The event will be governed by the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Club Sailing Instructions, as printed in the CISC Racing Rules and other Sailing Instructions special for the event.


All skippers must have entered and notified CISC of their intention to race prior to 12th October 2019. There is an entry fee of $2 per foot to be paid on registration at Cayman Islands Sailing Club Friday 11th October 2019. Skippers briefing 7pm – 8pm.

Boats not entered prior to the 12th October will not be given a result.

Sunday – back to the Sound.

The start will be off Sunset House and will be a transit of the outer white dive buoy and the southern end of MY BAR at Sunset House. There will be a massed start for all classes at 10.20 am. The warning signal will be at 10.15 a.m

On Friday October 11th there will be a skippers briefing held at the clubhouse from 6-7pm.  Everyone is expected to attend to confirm your boat’s handicap and the Entry forms will be collected.

For further information and rules, forms, etc. contact CISC.

Cayman Islands Sailing Club <[email protected]>

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