September 30, 2023

Cayman Heart Fund’s 3rd Annual Red Dress Learn & Live Luncheon

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Ladies in red dresses learned about heart health at the Cayman Heart Fund (CNF)’s Third Annual Red Dress Learn & Live Luncheon.

The day began with a mini Expo of businesses from around the islands such as:

•    Mobile Fitness
•    CrossFit 7 Mile
•    Bliss Living Yoga
•    Body Works
•    Silver Rain
•    A Touch of Thai
•    Beyond Basics
•    Chocolate Creations
•    Black Trumpet
•    Tea Time in Cayman
•    Gawk & Leer
•    Audi (Arch Automotive)
•    Kara’s Glass Garden
•    Beach Bubbles
•    Every Bloomin’ Thing
•    Market at the Grounds
•    Magnum Jewelers
•    Baptist Health International

As well as Red Dress Displays from Funky Monkey, NKY, Off the Peg, Arabus Boutique, Reba Dilber’s Red Carnival Dress & Old Caymanian Dress and Silver Rain Retail.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Ozner spoke on the topic: “A Six-week Cardiac Makeover for a Lifetime of Optimal Health.”
Dr. Ozner is a cardiologist who has dedicated his career to the treatment, prevention and eradication of heart attacks. His practice, based in Miami, is dedicated exclusively to cardiovascular disease prevention. His prescription for heart health is simple: “Eat a delicious meal of fish, whole grains and fresh vegetables. Drink a glass of red wine. Take a nice walk, and take a nap. Relax with your family and friends. Do it all again the next day, and the next, for the rest of your life,” he says.

Even though this lifestyle prescription sounds more like going on a vacation, it has been shown to decrease the risk of adverse cardiac events, control weight, as well as making life less stressful for those who choose to take his advice.
All proceeds from the luncheon will benefit the CHF in their efforts to alert, reduce, and prevent heart disease in the Cayman Islands.

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