January 27, 2021

Cayman: George Town Shuttle Service expands routes to service supermarkets

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Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew, rides the George Town shuttle service

Based on community feedback, the free hop-on, hop off George Town shuttle service has amended its routes to help users get to and from busy shopping destinations in central George Town, including Foster’s Airport Centre and Kirk Market.  The expanded routes will come on stream, starting Monday, January 11.

The George Town shuttle service was launched in November last year, by the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure through its National Energy Policy and George Town Revitalisation Initiative, in an effort to reduce traffic in and around central George Town while reducing carbon emissions caused by motorists.

Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew said, “Now that the George Town shuttle service has been operating for just over a month, it is starting to gain recognition within the community and for the week of January 4 to 8, we had 182 users. We want this growth to continue and so have introduced new routes based upon invaluable feedback. We are encouraged that this service is gaining traction, and look forward to seeing more support from members of the public”.

The shuttle runs daily from Monday to Friday, 8: 00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The amended routes will include Foster’s Airport Centre and Kirk Market. The bus stops are as follows:

Line 1

1.      Behind Immigration

2.      Cayman National Bank

3.      Fosters – Airport Centre

4.      Farmers’ Market

5.      Credit Union

6.      The Pines Retirement Home

7.      Rear of Health Service Authority

8.      Front of Health Service Authority

9.      Opposite Police Station – Elgin Avenue

10.  Heroes Square – Edward Street

11.  Old Scotia Bank – Albert Panton Street

12.  Anderson Square, Shedden Road

13.  Government Administration Building

Line 2

1.      Behind Immigration building

2.      The Pines Retirement Home

3.      Rear of Health Service Authority

4.      Front of Health Services Authority

5.      Opposite Police Station – Elgin Avenue

6.      Heroes Square – Edward Street

7.      Burger King – Waterfront

8.      Kirk Market

9.      WORC/NAU office – Mary Street

10.  Anderson Square

11.  Government Administration Building

The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure’s Energy Policy Coordinator Kristen Augustine said, “We developed the free shuttle service to help the public to navigate George Town, while addressing traffic and parking issues in the town. We want to ensure that we are offering what our community members need and so we asked for feedback. Our service users told us that they need help getting to and from major supermarkets. We listened and have developed new lines that should see even more people benefitting from the shuttles”.

George Town Revitalisation Project Manager, Colin Lumsden, also stated, “We want to provide free transport options, to cut down on traffic congestion in central George Town. We still see lots of traffic in central George Town over lunch periods and are eager to hear from the people that drive around at these times so see if we can adapt our shuttles to meet their needs. If we can gain this important understanding of our community’s needs and wants, we can truly make an impact on traffic congestion”.

For a full list of the George Town shuttle service routes and to give feedback, members of the public can visit https://www.energy.gov.ky/george-town-shuttle-service or can message via Facebook @CaymanEnergy.  The George Town shuttle service is part of Energy Cayman, the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure’s 12-month public education campaign to embed energy efficient information and good practice into the Cayman community. For further information on the National Energy Policy, visit www.energy.gov.ky  or follow @CaymanEnergy on social media

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