December 7, 2021

Cayman Finance presents St Ignatius student with iPad

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A year 10 student from St. Ignatius Catholic School recently received an iPad Air 2 from Cayman Finance CEO, Jude Scott, as a prize for correctly answering a quiz on the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry at the Chamber of Commerce Careers Expo.

Sarah Harrison was the first randomly selected student to have answered all the questions on the quiz correctly.

“Cayman Finance is always glad to be involved in opportunities to teach Cayman’s young people about the financial services industry and the possibilities for them within it,” Mr Scott said. “We congratulate Sarah on winning the prize.”

“In speaking with the many young people at the Careers Expo, our focus was on showing them that a career in the financial services industry is not only dynamic and challenging, but that it builds a solid foundation that will benefit their long-term career. Having financial knowledge—whether it’s in capital structure, investment, or beyond—will be of value in virtually any role in any sector or industry.”

Ms Harrison said she was grateful to Cayman Finance for the prize awarded to her.

“I want to thank Cayman Finance for working with students and giving us these opportunities to learn and be rewarded. I was able to learn a lot of interesting information about financial services that I wasn’t aware of before,” she said.

Mr Scott said it was important young people in Cayman realised the financial services industry offered a wide range of opportunities, positions and environments.

“With hundreds of possible career choices within the realms of banking, insurance, funds, trusts and so on, or the support services such as IT, marketing and human resources, financial services offers a career to suit many different interests, traits and abilities,” he said.

“One of Cayman Finance’s key objectives is opening the minds of young talented Caymanians to the opportunities available for them in the Cayman Islands financial services industry.”

Mr Scott congratulated all students who performed well on the quiz and recognised the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce for once again organizing a successful careers expo.

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