September 29, 2020

Cayman equestrians challenge rivals


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Cayman Islands equestrians challenge their rivals

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) has selected its Cayman Teams for the Caribbean Equestrian Association’s Caribbean Dressage Challenge. Representing the Adult team are Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio, Tracey Surrey and Stephanie Lloyd, all of whom are professional riders, while Anja van Genderen and sisters, Megan and Abbey Swartz round out the Children’s team. The teams were chosen based upon the results of the Cayman leg of the CEA Dressage Challenge held this past weekend at both the Equestrian Center and Cayman Riding School. Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio, Tracey Surrey and Anja van Genderen also represented the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Dressage Challenge last year.

The Caribbean Dressage Challenge is a competition organized by the Caribbean Equestrian Association (CEA) that enables riders from CEA member countries, Bermuda, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to compete against each other. Because the logistics of transporting horses internationally are insurmountable, the judge travels rather than the competitors. Sarah Geikie, a USEF Senior and FEI 4* judge from Connecticut, flew in for the show.

Riders competing in the CEA Dressage Challenge are ranked both individually and by country team. The country team consists of the top three adult and top three junior riders based upon the difficulty of the test they ride and the scores they receive. To date, only the Cayman Islands and Bermuda have held their 2017 CEA Dressage competitions, and the Cayman Adult Team is currently in first place, a position they are likely to hold onto as the team score is very high. The Cayman Children’s Team is currently in second place behind Bermuda. Once all of the countries in the CEA have completed their competitions, the final standing for Cayman’s riders and the Cayman national team will be known. Last year, and the Cayman Children’s Team placed second in the Caribbean, while the Cayman Adult Team placed 3rd overall.

High Point Champion for the Adults and Juniors, respectively, were Tracey Surrey riding her horse Dusty at First Level Test 3 and Megan Swartz riding Zeus at Training Level Test 3. In addition to holding the CEA Dressage Challenge, the CIEF held other classes for interested riders.

Winners of each the classes held this past weekend are listed below in order of most difficult to least difficult test ridden. Dressage Challenge classes are noted with the words CEA.

Fourth Level Test 1 (CEA)
Jodie McTaggart riding Ray of Light
Third Level Test 1 (CEA)
Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio riding Loris 7
Second Level Test 3 – Adult (CEA)
Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio riding Relation
Second Level Test 3 – Child (CEA)
Anja van Genderen riding Joey
Second Level Test 1 – Adult
Tracey Surrey riding Dusty
First Level Test 3 – Adult (CEA)
Tracey Surrey riding Dusty
First Level Test 3 – Child (CEA)
Anja van Genderen riding Joey
First Level Test 1 – Child
Abbey Swartz riding Blue Ridge Dream On
Training Level Test 3 – Adult (CEA)
Stephanie Lloyd riding Lilly
Training Level Test 3 – Child (CEA)
Megan Swartz riding Zeus
Training Level Test 1 – Child
Kayla Mannisto riding Pony Up
Introductory Test C – Adult
Stephanie Lloyd riding Princess
Introductory Test C – Child
Jardae Barnes riding Austin
Introductory Test B – Child
Jardae Barnes riding Austin

The next horse show on the CIEF calendar is the third show of the four-part National Jumping Series which will take place on April 30th at the Equestrian Center located on the Linford Pierson Highway. Start time will be 8am and as always, spectators are welcome and admission is free.

by Eve van den Bol

Photo credits:
Eve van den Bol for photos of Megan Swartz, Jessica McTaggart-Guizio and Anja van Genderen
Cayman Riding School for photos of: Tracey Surrey and Stephanie Lloyd

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