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Cayman Drama Society’s “The Deception of Kathryn Vask” is indeed VERY deceptive

By Colin Wilson

I was at the Dress Rehearsal of the CDS’ latest production, (after a very long time thanks to COVID), and it is sure to be a huge hit. At one time both my wife, Joan, and I were indeed hit. We were HIT with a blast from the sound effects that had us both shrieking.

Yes, “The Deception of Kathryn Vask” by Mark Steensland, is very different from the large majority of the CDS fayre – musicals, comedies, sleuth, drama, etc. This one goes deep into the macabre with the death of a young boy (not seen but very much the pivotal point of the play) and the mother (Kathryn) claiming she sees and hears him. She believes she was at fault in causing her son’s death.

The father, Jonathon, is at his wits end not knowing what to do and has sent his wife to a very expensive psychiatrist to try and help her with no good results. As it is putting a huge strain on their marriage, and driving him to drink, they seek the help of a priest, Father Mike. Fr. Mike suggests they seek the help of a a couple of spiritualists who can bring back dead people via a seance. Kathryn can then ask her son for forgiveness. Privately, Fr. Mike tells Jonathon, the two people he suggests are actors and they will be able to convince his wife that her son will assure her his death was an accident and she had no part in it.

Jonathon reluctantly agrees. And so all goes well. But does it?

There are many twists and turns in this very dramatic play which will hold you right up to the end. Both Jo and I were surprised and shocked when it finished and the audience is asked not to give the end away.

We were at a Dress Rehearsal with only four other people present so we are booking to see it again. It really is that good.

All the actors: Julia Flanagan – KATHRYN, Shane Delaney – JONATHAN, Adam Roberts – FATHER MIKE, Martin Campion – ALBERT, and Agata Kalicki – LESLIE, were excellent. Erica Ebanks and Paul de Freitas were joint Directors, with the idea and choice of play coming from Paul.

I spoke to four of the actors after the play and they all separately praised Paul for not over directing them and said how much they loved the play. That is very evident on stage.

Time, unfortunately stops me from saying more as I promised I would place this today (Wed). However, I must mention the set which is superb.

Don’t leave it until the very last minute to book tickets as this production is a winner and will sell out fast.

It WILL thrill you.

IMAGES: Georgina Wilcox


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