June 28, 2022

Cayman: Department of Children and Family Services, Needs Assessment Unit & Ministry of IISD Respond to Displaced Family

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In prompt response to notice yesterday of the unfortunate temporarily displaced family on Governor’s Beach, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) immediately conducted a thorough review and risk assessment. It will continue to carry out such process to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the family. 

The Needs Assessment Unit (NAU), which provides financial assistance to eligible Caymanians, has also been instructed to review and assist as appropriate.    

As a general reminder, the NAU and DCFS cannot offer any comment on specific details of any situation and/or individuals, in order to respect and protect their right to confidentiality.

The Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development will be in continuous contact with DCFS and NAU to ensure all possible measures are undertaken to produce a suitable outcome. _____________________________

The Department of Children and Family Services can be reached at 345.949.0290 and by email: [email protected]  

DCFS protects and promotes the rights and welfare of children, families, and older persons in the Cayman Islands. This is accomplished through the professional provision of social work services, services to the general adult population, and the elderly and disabled, foster care and adoption services, and the placement of vulnerable children in residential homes.

These services include preventative measures and interventions, education, advocacy and community–based programmes, all of which serve to empower children and adults, strengthen family bonds and build stronger communities.

The Needs Assessment Unit’s website is www.nau.gov.ky, where an online application form is available.

NAU telephone:  946 0024 ; Email:  [email protected]

Members of the community are reminded of upcoming NAU District Days – also available through its Facebook page and updates, www.facebook.com/NAUCaymanGov  

Friday, 7 May – West Bay Public Library (10am -1pm); 
Friday 13 May, East End Civic Centre (9-11:30am)
Friday 13 May – North Side Civic Centre (1-3PM) 
Friday 20 May, Bodden Town Public Library (10am-1PM).

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