November 30, 2021

Cayman: Department of Agriculture warns of escaped raccoon

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A Torch Key raccoon (P. l. incautus) in Cudjoe Key, Florida. Subspecies inhabiting the Florida Keys are characterized by their small size and very pale fur. – Wikipedia

Grand Cayman – The Department of Agriculture (DoA) is warning members of the public to beware of a raccoon which escaped in the vicinity of Republix Plaza in West Bay, early this morning (Friday, October 22).

The raccoon is one of two which escaped a shipping container from the United States. One was trapped. Food from the container has been dumped in light of possible contamination.

Members of the public are urged not to approach or touch the animal which could be dangerous to humans or pets. “It may be tempting to try and pet a wild animal but we are warning the public not to do so as the raccoon could be carrying diseases such as rabies, and are known to be aggressive. Raccoons are nocturnal are attracted to food waste and garbage. Residents in the area are asked to report any sightings of the raccoon to the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services”, a DoA representative stated.

The Department of Agriculture is working in conjunction with Department of Environment and Department of Environmental Health to capture the animal.

Members of the public can contact the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services at 916-5435; 947-3090 or call 911.

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    Try a Racoon sandwich with a bit of Stilton and HP. It is yumee.

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