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Cayman: Dart announces new and enhanced employee benefits with focus on family and flexibility 

Dart VP People and Culture Anya Edun is pictured with her three children.

Dart recently announced new and enhanced employee leave benefits, which support families and provide flexibility in how paid time off is used. 

Pre-pandemic internal research highlighted benefits that employees hoped to see added to Dart’s already extensive benefits package, while post-pandemic realities made family, flexibility, and time off more important than ever. 

Dart’s benefits team proposed new and enhanced benefits which, along with the existing benefits package including life insurance and the more recently added long-term disability for all employees, represents a deliberate and meaningful focus on people.  

“We understand the growing importance of paid family leave and of supporting a multigenerational workforce,” commented Anya Edun, VP People and Culture. The new offering enhances existing paid-time benefits and adds new time off options which can be taken independently or added to other paid leave benefits to extend them. 

  • NEW: Five personal days, providing maximum flexibility, which can be taken for any reason.  Personal days may be added to vacation, or other paid leave options, providing greater flexibility in planning longer periods of time off if desired. 
  • ENHANCED: Paternity leave has been a part of Dart’s benefit package for some time. Understanding the importance of this family time, Dart is adding five paid days to the current benefit, making it 10 days paid, with the option of adding five paid personal days and any unused vacation and unpaid leave. 
  • ENHANCED: Dart continues to provide strong maternity leave benefits with new mothers receiving three months’ leave with full pay and may choose to add a combination of other paid leave options – adding up to potentially another month and a half at full pay. In addition to paid leave, mothers may add unpaid days for up to six months at home with their newborn baby, with all relevant employee benefits fully paid by the company (i.e., 100% health insurance premiums for the mother, life Insurance, long term disability etc.) 
  • NEW: Dart continues to lead the local market in its commitment and investment in the health and well-being of its employees and now offers one paid day off a year for employees to complete preventative medical and health screenings. This day adds to the existing wellness programme, 100% health insurance premiums paid for employees and a built-in preventative claim benefit. 

*Paternity and maternity leave benefits also apply to adoption leave. 

“We strive to offer our people a Total Rewards package that is comprehensive, flexible and competitive, which includes quantifiable benefits and an array of work-life programmes and policies, resulting in engaged, productive and motivated employees,” commented Leif Edwards-Best, benefits manager at Dart. 

Our people remain our most important investment and we are pleased to continue to provide a wide range of market-leading benefits in support of our employees’ holistic well-being. 


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