September 23, 2023

Cayman: CPR update – It’s time

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From CPR Cayman

With the holidays around the corner and the referendum delayed, we want to make sure you stay in the know about what’s happened and how you can continue to help us advocate for all Caymanians. To make it easy to navigate all of the information, we’ve broken it down into three equally important sections:Understand, Act, and Engage.

UNDERSTAND | Why was the referendum delayed?

 The goal of CPR Cayman is and has always been to ensure that any decisions made by our government in relation to the proposed port and cruise berthing facility are well-informed, transparent and serve the best interests of the Caymanian people.

SIX letters (find them here) requesting further information were sent to the Premier and his Cabinet with legitimate concerns from the public earlier this year. Not a single one was acknowledged and it is this failure that led CPR to continue its call for a referendum.

This was the starting point. The Premier was then forced to call a referendum but it was clear to many that it was not done fairly.. Therefore, armed with the facts, an individual citizen and executive member of CPR, Shirley Roulstone, engaged legal counsel to formally ask for a review of whether the referendum was called according to standards that should be championed in a participatory democracy.

Justice Owen granted that a review should be taken on the following four grounds that were presented:

  • That Cabinet had pre-determined the question and date before the port referendum legislation had been passed
  • That Cabinet failed to consider important matters including having “due regard” to protection of the environment, as required by the Constitution
  • That the question Cabinet set for the referendum was neither fair nor neutral, as required by law
  • That the failure to provide any campaign-finance limits, frustrated the intent of the Constitution that a free and fair vote should take place

CPR on the BBC: What’s at stake? Go to:

ACT | So now what?

 In anticipation of the new referendum date that may be called in early 2020, we’ll continue to act as advocates for the democratic process. You can too by doing the following:

  1. Register to vote and/or encourage those you know to register! To be able to vote from April 1st 2020 onwards, you must register before JANUARY 2nd2020.
    • If you are: Caymanian, 18 years or older, and are a resident of the Cayman Islands, click HERE for more details
    • Sign up relatives for mobile voting
    • For those people living abroad who might still need a postal ballot, get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Each voter is part of History in the making – Civil Servants and all Caymanian’s are encouraged to turn out to vote when the Referendum happens. 

  1. You’re invited  Save the date and join us at the following 2 events:
    • DECEMBER 18TH: At 6:30pm, CPR will be hosting a Christmas rally on the eve of the public holiday.  We will have a host of presentations together with refreshments and entertainment.  Click HERE for more details.
    • DECEMBER 19TH: At 3pm, Join the community in a solidarity swim at Eden Rock! Click HERE for more details 
  2. Give the gift that will keep on giving for generations to come! Donations are fundamental to CPR, Shirley and The National Trust being able to continue to advocate for Caymanians. Support these initiatives by donating via one of the following methods:

Caymanian Call To Action Go to:

ENGAGE | Listen to, question and share information!

 It is extremely important that we keep demanding more of our local and national representatives and stakeholders. To do so, we ask you to:

  1. Stay informed and keep asking questions. Submit your questions to [email protected] and we will try to get you the answers. Call the offices of your local representatives and ask them your tough questions. Hold them accountable!
  2. Listen to our talk shows on December 17th from 7:45am Cayman Crosstalk on Rooster 101.9fm and December 18th from 12:15 Talk Today on Radio Cayman.   

Follow CPR Cayman on Facebook  and Vote No  to stay up to date with new articles, facts and figures. Share this information via your social channels, email and WhatsApp.

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