August 9, 2022

Cayman: COVID-19 Update – 28 January 2022, 392 New Positives [at 26 Jan]

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Public Health has released updated COVID-19 figures for 23-26 January. (Public Health is responsible for compiling  a 24/7 stream of data from all testing centres in the Islands. As such numbers reported at a particular time of day may be subject to change if new data arrives thereafter.)

Positive cases reported to Public Health from 23-26 January are currently as follows:

23/01/2022298 (+1)
24/01/2022344 (+1)
25/01/2022549 (+46)

  26/01/2022       392 (new number)

Active cases currently stand at 6,545. There are currently 20 hospitalised persons, 2 of which were newly admitted.

Included in these numbers are two new cases and 67 active  cases reported in the Sister Islands.

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