July 29, 2021

Cayman Christmas with FBCC

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My last stop of the week was at The First Baptist Church, opposite The Lions Centre, for their annual Christmas concert. This was last Friday (13) and when you read on there was a mishap.

In my opinion this is one of the finest church choirs on Grand Cayman and this concert did not disappoint.

From the opening to the closing this great choir sand along powerfully with the canned orchestral arrangements. Even all the well known traditional carols received a new ‘modern’ arrangement that did not cause offence to the old purists like me.

It gave all of them a new lease of life,

The recorded commentary that came along with the music, specially recorded for the church, gave more meaning and almost a retelling of the Christmas story, giving it a fresh ‘lick of paint’.

Even the power outage that occurred mid way through their performance did not distract, after all it was Friday 13th! Whilst the musical director, David Jorge, had to leave his post and attend to the computer programme, a member of the choir left the sanctuary and played some music for us.

Wonderful, and like the Cayman Male Voice Choir, we were treated with refreshments afterwards.

Excellent evening.

Thank you.

IMAGES: Georgina Wilcox

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