July 29, 2021

Cayman Christmas with CNC&O

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My next Christmas treat was once again at Elmslie United Church last Tuesday (10) to attend the “Gloria!” concert given by the Cayman National Choir and Orchestra.

Over the many years I have been here I have watched the National Choir grow under various leaders, commencing with its founder, Dr. Mel McCoy, and to now Sue Horrocks. It was she who added the Orchestra and I wonder if even in her wildest dreams she imagined it would sound and become so large as it is now…?

There has even been notable improvement with the coming of Jonathan Taylor, who does most of his visual work conducting the orchestra.

The whole event was magnificent and I even came back for the encore performance on Thursday.

From the opening number, “Once in Royal David’s City”, “Troika” (where we jangled coins and keys) to the closing of “Hark the herald Angels Sing” it was indeed a GLORIA! (We even gave that carol an encore!!).

Last, but not least, was the pianist, Naomi Alnutt, who one year I received her wrath by flashing my camera right behind her as she was playing!

I have never done that again.

IMAGES: Georgina Wilcox

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