September 26, 2020

Cayman CARE update and an appeal for help with these adorable kitties


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From CARE – Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts<[email protected]>

Firstly, we are delighted to report that Badger was found and is now safe and back with his family. Also the little special needs cat has found a wonderful home.

So now we have an appeal for these three cuties who are seeking their happily ever after, can you help them?

We are sending this appeal out to help spread the word to help find these three super cute, totally adorable and delightfully sweet sisters their forever home.

A good Samaritan rescued these three little ones from a colony of cats that she feeds and has been trapping for TNR through CARE’s program, she is much relieved to now have the whole colony fixed and so end the cycle of overpopulation.

Saskia, has been caring for these three sweeties indoors now for over a month and has made great progress socializing them. All are litter box trained and enjoy the indoors. They are approximately 3 months old and have a clean bill of health, testing negative for feline viruses. They have had their first and second vaccines, deworming and are all spayed through CARE’s community program. So, they are now ready and eager to start living life to the full, and settling into their forever homes.

Frankie (Siamese with a cute black nose), the Observer, is very relaxed and loves to watch her sisters play, she will join in at play time but prefers a quiet space to just chill and relax.










unnamed-1Toto (white with gray tiger stripes), the Adventurer, is always first to explore new and exiting things. She loves to play!











unnamed-2Kiwi (white with gray, short haired), the Sweetheart, just loves to cuddle and enjoys human attention.


If you are interested in meeting any of these cuties please contact Saskia at 925 5642 or email [email protected]

Please be a voice for those without by passing this e-mail on and help spread the word for these sisters.

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