June 21, 2021

Cayman: CAL repatriation flight schedule confirmed for June 2021

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Extra flights added for Kingston and Miami in May

In partnership with the Cayman Islands Government, the repatriation flight schedule has been confirmed for travel in June between Grand Cayman and Miami, Kingston, and La Ceiba. Due to demand, extra flights have also been added for travel between Grand Cayman and Kingston in May, as well as Miami. 

The added repatriation flights for Kingston, May 13, 2021:

KX3600Grand CaymanKingston10am11:05amTH May 13 
KX3601KingstonGrand Cayman12:15pm1:20pmTH May 13 

The added repatriation flights for Miami, May 24, 2021: 

KX3102Grand CaymanMiami10am12:30pmMO May 24
KX3103MiamiGrand Cayman2:00pm2:30pmMO May 24


The Miami repatriation flight schedule, Wednesdays and Saturdays, through June 30, 2021: 

KX3102Grand CaymanMiami10am12:30pmWE & SA
KX3103MiamiGrand Cayman2:00pm2:30pmWE & SA ex: SA June 12 & 26
KX3123MiamiGrand Cayman (1 stop in CYB)2:00pm3:25pmWE & SA June 12 & 26, 2021

The Kingston repatriation flight schedule, Fridays June 4 – 25, 2021:

KX3600Grand CaymanKingston10am11:05amFridays
KX3601KingstonGrand Cayman12:15pm1:20pmFridays

The La Ceiba repatriation flight schedule, Thursdays June 3 – 17, 2021:

KX3880Grand CaymanLa Ceiba10am10:25amTH June 3 & 17
KX3881La ceibaGrand Cayman12:25pm2:45pmTH June 3 & 17

Cayman Airways reminds all passengers that they are responsible for researching and securing the necessary documents required for entry into any country – this includes completion of any required pre-flight COVID-19 testing, proof of vaccinations and/or obtaining travel authorization. Passengers who do not possess the required documents, will not be able to travel.

Persons wishing to travel inbound or outbound on these repatriation flights can book seats directly with Cayman Airways by calling Cayman Airways Reservations on 345-949-2311, or:

  • In the USA, call 305-266-4141 or (toll free) 1-800-422-9626
  • In Jamaica, call 876-613-9105 or (toll free) 866-759-1372
  • In Honduras, call (toll free) 800-2791-9422

Tickets for inbound and outbound flights can also be purchased online at www.caymanairways.com.

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