October 26, 2020

Cayman Airways accident October, 1991


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We received a blog under one of our stories relating to Cayman Airways and the blogger inquired why there was nothing reported on the Internet on the airline’s accident in 1991.

We did some research and found the following:

Cayman Air. Boeing 737-300. October 12, 1991. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Aircraft overran runway 08 at Owen Roberts International Airport after a steep fast approach in night VMC. The speed brakes were not automatically or manually deployed and the thrust reversers were inhibited. The aircraft touched down with about 4000’ runway remaining and that was insufficient to stop the aircraft using only wheel brakes. There were no serious injuries or fatalities in this accident.

Source: www.cast-safety.org/pdf/jsat_approach-landing.pdf


The below was originally written on Monday, 14 Oct 91, during a short stay in home before having to hit the road on business. Comments and updates to it have been added in italics such as this in March 1999.


1. On Grand Cayman, there is now a new dive site in North Sound called “737 City”. Last Friday night (11 October 1991) the Cayman Airways flight from Miami to Grand Cayman had an accident upon landing (no reverse thrusters suspected). Two people injured (one of which was the pilot?), none killed, as the plane didn’t stop on the runway but slid into North Sound.

All this info is “word of mouth” only….

Sarah Layman, daughter of Len Layman, who used to work at Divi, was onboard the flight and she filled us in on what happened when she finally got to the Brac very very late that night. She said that one of the wisecracks a passenger made was “…stewardess, can I have my flippers so I can swim to the terminal?…”

…As of last night when I saw it, the plane appeared to be in 5-10 feet of water (hard to gage, but there was water lapping up on the lower side of the hull, so it was more than just landing gear) and less than one “airplane length” offshore. They had just brought a crane in to pull it out. On top of this, Cayman Airways is managerially messed up big time; a major director has just resigned as part of it. All this means to confirm your flights more stringently than usual.


The only thing I can add to the story is that I remember at the time of the accident, Island Paving was resurfacing the runway at night and the whole width of landing area was not available for use.

Can anyone else add to this story?

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  1. i dont caer what people say
    about cayman airways it is the best

  2. Brian Romine says

    I arrived on the flight just before this one. What is not stated in this article is the heavy rain.

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