The Ironshore Group consists of Ironshore Studios, Everheart Records and Ironshore Records, providing a platform and resources to local artists.

March 24, 2023

Cayman: A world-class recording studio launches in George TownIntroducing Ironshore

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Introducing Ironshore Studios

George Town, Grand Cayman (Wednesday, February 1, 2023): Last night saw the official launch of Ironshore Studios in the heart of George Town, a 4,600 square foot, state-of-the-art sound and recording facility providing a collaborative space for musicians and artists to create.  

The brainchild of Jacob Olde and Nathan McLean of Ironshore Group, the lifelong friends saw an opportunity to combine their backgrounds in music and finance to offer a platform and resources to local artists, helping them find their place in the industry and make music on par with peers globally.  

“Our goal is to grow Cayman’s music from within, helping our islands gain the recognition they deserve for musical excellence,” Olde explains.  

Local artists can now access high-quality equipment and spaces at home, supporting the development of the local industry, and visiting talent can find a studio of the same calibre as anywhere else in the world, positioning the Cayman Islands as an attractive music destination. 

“We believe our studio’s capabilities coupled with the unique benefits of our islands – from direct flights and a robust infrastructure to privacy, beautiful beaches, and an unbelievable culinary scene – will put our islands on the industry map,” says McLean. 

Ironshore Group comprises Ironshore Studios and two record labels, Everheart Records and Ironshore Records, which focus on Caymanian and metal talent respectively. The labels are modelled on a collaborative ‘artist-friendly’ format that is distinctly different from many other labels, which is inspired by Olde’s first-hand learnings of starting out in the industry.

“I didn’t want my experience to be repeated for other young artists,” shares Olde. “Our mission is to provide local talent with the tools and resources to produce high quality music, from right here in Cayman, to help set them up for success in a very competitive industry.”

Ironshore Studios is also helping to nurture and grow the next generation of musicians and producers and make a career in music a viable option for them by partnering with local organisations and entities to offer internship and professional development opportunities. 

Most recently, Ironshore Studios collaborated with Gimistory to provide participating storytellers with the opportunity to record their stories, to help amplify, promote and preserve their works. The studio also hosted a group of music students from John Gray High School to show them what’s involved in the running of a professional studio.

Learn more about the studio equipment and recording spaces available at

Key takeaways:

  • Ironshore Studios is now available for bookings, with recording booths, studio gear, private and shared spaces, and a professional team of studio managers and engineers. 
  • Founded by friends Jacob Olde and Nathan McLean, the duo has combined their music and finance backgrounds to build this platform for the local industry. 
  • Supporting up-and-coming and established artists in a range of activities, from music recording to professional sound projects, Ironshore Studios provides a top-tier space for local and visiting talent to create.   
  • Visit Ironshore Studios on Instagram, Facebook and at to learn more about the equipment and spaces.
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