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Cayma National Trust Announces New Council 2022-2023

23rd September 2022– The Annual General Meeting (“the AGM”) of the members of the National Trust was held on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, at the George Town Yacht Club, the Barcadere Marina at 606 N. Sound Rd. Doors opened for registration at 5:30 pm.

The AGM was held to present the 2021/22Annual Report and Financial Report for year end June 30, 2022, elect members of the Council of the National Trust for 2022/23 as well as transact any other such business that came before the meeting. The AGM was well attended with approximately 120 members in person and over 200 proxy forms. Members enjoyed complimentary cocktails and canapes at the event. Members who were unable to attend in person were given an opportunity watch the AGM online via Zoom.

The programme included the Official commencement of the AGM by Megan Wright (Legal Counsel) while Gregory McTaggart, Vice Chairman (acting Chair), chaired the AGM.

Dan Peterson, Treasurer gave a report on the 2022-23 financials featured in the Annual Report and Annick Jackman, outgoing Executive Director gave an organizational overview. Annick Jackman, introduced Frank Roulstone, incoming Executive Director.

Members were electing 9 new General Council Members from a list of 18 candidates. Gregory McTaggart (Vice-Chairman) and Dan Peterson (Treasurer) begin the second year of a two-year term. Once the votes were counted by Megan Wright it was announced that the following candidates had been elected to the 2022/23 National Trust Council: Melanie Carmichael as Chairperson, and Peter Davey as Secretary. General Council Members include Patricia Bradley, Fred Burton, Lauren Dombowsky, Ellen Lazzari, Chris Luijten, Arthurlyn Pedley, Laura Powery Egglishaw, Olivia Scott-Ramirez and Sonya van de Wouw.

bout the National Trust for the Cayman Islands

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-governmental organization whose mandate under the National Trust Law (2010 Revision) includes the preservation of the historic, natural and maritime heritage of the Cayman Islands for present and future generations.

About the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme

The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme began in 1990 with only 30 dedicated Blue Iguanas and the primary goal to restore the wild population to 1,000 Blue Iguanas, encouraging viable population in the long-term. Having met its primary goal in 2018, the initiative formally transitioned to the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme in 2019 with a new focus of sustainably conserving the native species of Grand Cayman.

About the National Trust’s Environmental Programme

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ environmental programme was founded on the concept that the protection of native plants and animals is best achieved by protecting the natural areas in which they depend.

About the National Trust Conservation Programme

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ conservation programme strives to protect Cayman’s native species and the habitats in which they live, and includes the endemic Blue Iguana of Grand Cayman, the Sister Islands Rock Iguana and Cayman’s native bat species.

About the National Trust Historic Preservation Programme

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands introduced the launching of its Historic Preservation Fund at its Annual General Meeting in September 2021 for the purpose of inviting increased support of its continuing efforts to encourage the preservation and protection of historic homes and buildings for present and future generations of the Cayman Islands.


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