October 27, 2020

Cay TubeLive – a big laugh at TV life


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Cay TubeLive  is a series of funny skits based on an evening of television, and will show at the Prospect Playhouse, beginning this weekend.

It is directed by Peter Kosa, who has also taken a hand in writing the script, along with co-writers Malcolm Ellis, Sue Howe, and Michelle Morgan. But it is also a collaborative effort, as contributions are welcomed from the dozen-or-so actors, both experienced and relative newcomers, who make up the cast.

“The audience is going to be like a studio audience for the whole evening,” Mr. Kosa said. We actually open with Daybreak only we call it Day-broke. Then we have a few games shows, a soap opera, a doctor’s show, a reality show, a whole pile of different shows,” he continued.

“We’ve got Cayman’s Deadliest Catch – like the Deadliest Catch reality show, except in our deadliest catch they’re crabbing on land from pickup trucks.”

There is even a series of commercials – that are just as funny as the ‘real’ show, so there needn’t be any breaks in the laughter.

Mr. Kosa continued: “We’ve also got a reality show. You know Caesar Millan and the Dog Whisperer? Well we’ve got his cousin, and he’s whispering to local animals.

“We finish with a first for Cayman – the first ever improvised karaoke Broadway musical.”

It’s fun, but not necessarily for all the family. It isn’t that there’s anything shocking, however – it’s just that Mr. Kosa feels that kids just wouldn’t get the humour.

The mood is respectfully disrespectful: “Frankly we take a little bit of the mickey out of everybody,” he says.

Cay TubeLive performance dates are:

Friday 27th January 2012 Opening Night at 7:30pm, 

Saturday 28th January 2012 Performance at 7:30pm, 

Friday 3rd February 2012 Performance at 7:30pm; 

Saturday 4th February 2012 Performance at 7:30pm 

(Photos by: Christopher Tobutt)
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