July 16, 2020

Caviar massages a must for Cayman Cookout attendees


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imagesImagine this…You are at the Cayman Cookout for no other reason than to explore the many facets of top cuisine using Cayman Island grown ingredients. You’re at a foodie getaway in paradise…is there really any way to top this experience? Well, food isn’t all about your stomach afterall…there’s food for your brain…food for your skin. The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman’s La Prairie Spa Silver Rain immerses your body’s every extremity in indulgent luxury. Enter the spa on the hotel’s lower level and you’re transported to walls of faceted glass and quartzite. Falling waters underfoot permeate the senses as a rushing river flows beneath a floor of carved, translucent glass. This represents the significance of Switzerland’s world renowned healing waters.

Back to the foodie theme…their 60-minute, full-body Caviar Massage! Just to get it straight, you won’t be having actual fish eggs kneaded into your skin, just a super advanced caviar-infused lotion. La Prarie’s signature caviar beads are a cocktail of advanced peptides, minerals, and vitamins A, B and D resulting from oils and waters extracted from Caspian Sea sturgeon eggs.

Besides delivering an instant lift to the skin through immediate nourishment, the inclusion of caviar in this skin care treatment is also proven to be effective at encouraging your body to create collagen protecting your skin from air pollutants that clog pores. After your session, make Robin Leach’s “Champagne and caviar dreams” a reality by ordering a glass to sip while relaxing on the beach in your day bed.



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