May 27, 2023

Window bird feeders

One of the great things about living in the Cayman Islands is all the birds that are attracted by the plants. If you live in an apartment with limited public ‘green’ areas window bird feeders are another way to attract them. There are plenty of different sizes and styles of bird feeders for you to […]

Tips from successful Artists

I have a number of very ‘arty’ friends and when I sat ‘arty’ I mean in the art of painting. Some of them are very successful but the majority are struggling. It is not that the successful ones are more talented. Even they will admit they are not. When I say talented I mean in […]

All I want is a good night’s sleep

How did you sleep last night? I slept well but I used to suffer insomnia very badly. Here’s how I cured my problem and I know there are many of you that might find this article helpful. My idea of a great night’s sleep is when you sleep soundly and wake fully refreshed and full […]

War of the Worlds

After watching the movie ‘War of the Worlds’ starring Tom Cruise, I bought a copy of the H.G. Wells book I had read as a child and also downloaded the ‘War of the Worlds’ BBC audiobook from the Internet. I have to say I was thrilled with the quality of the recording of the audiobook.  […]

Alternatives To Television

It is quite easy to spend several hours a day glued to the screen of a television set. It is estimated that on average an individual watches approximately two full months worth of television over the course of a year. Some suggest that this fascination with television has contributed immensely to obesity problems here. Finding […]

Bad breath

Most people experience bad breath at some time. It may simply be ‘morning breath’ but can be a persistent chronic condition that affects a person’s everyday life and confidence. The clinical name for bad breath is halitosis and affects 50% of every one of us. It is almost always caused initially by poor oral hygiene […]

I’m mad ‘cause I’m one. I’m sane ‘cause I‘m one (but only when playing the game).

I’m alone. I’m standing on a soapbox in the middle of George Town. I’m shouting, “I, Georgina Wilcox, should be the Premier of the Cayman Islands.” If a psychiatrist passed by he would diagnose me as suffering from this or that mental disturbance. But were the same psychiatrist to frequent the same spot and see […]

Quit your day job now

Most of us would stop working if we could. Quit immediately and here’s why. 1.         You’ll have more time to devote to reading my articles and columns. This will enable me to become a household name at our unemployment office. 2.         It will make you feel wonderful. For about 10 minutes you’ll be on cloud […]

Does anyone keep a scrapbook anymore?

 “Sadly it seems to be a thing of the past” Do you keep a scrapbook? Have you ever kept a scrapbook? The answer to the first one is probably ‘No.’ The answer to the second depends on your age. I can even hear you ask: “What is a scrapbook?” A scrapbook is simply a decorated […]


On Joan’s 77th Birthday  lOth Sept ‘11 Seventy-seven and not out is a pretty good  score If I were  playing  cricket  I would  certainly want more But I consider myself lucky to have reached  this age Giving me more time to write another page I have such fond memories of my past Memories sweet  memories […]