May 28, 2023

Stonehenge’s huge stone sibling discovered

From Austrian Tribune Archaeologists have found that Stonehenge, one of the most famous sites in the world, has a massive stone sibling that is just two miles to the north-east. Investigators from Birmingham and Bradford Universities and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna have found a 330-metre long line of over 50 huge stones. Stones […]

Mystery surrounds “meteorite” impact near Nicaraguan capital

From Caribbean360 MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Friday September 12, 2014 – Just before midnight local time on Saturday, residents of Nicaragua’s capital Managua reported hearing a loud explosion and feeling a shockwave accompanied by a burning smell. A crater 12 metres wide and more than 5 metres deep was subsequently discovered near Managua’s international airport, and the […]

Caribbean must work to eliminate mosquito-breeding sites – PAHO

From Caribbean360 WASHINGTON D.C., United States, Thursday September 11, 2014, CMC – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is urging Caribbean countries to eradicate the breeding sites of mosquitoes that transmit dengue and the chikungunya virus even as it warned of a possible increase in patients suffering from these diseases. Since the start of the […]

Can you imagine a Caribbean minus its beaches? It’s not science fiction, it’s climate change

From The World Bank Rising sea levels could have catastrophic effects for the Caribbean and would affect the poorest and most vulnerable in the region. Santo Domingo could be the fifth most affected city in the world To increase their resilience to climate change, the Caribbean is improving their ability to bring scientific evidence into […]

Dyson shows off the best robot vacuum cleaner yet

By Chris Smith From BGR After teasing it on YouTube a few days ago, Dyson on Thursday unveiled its first robot vacuum cleaner – the Dyson 360 Eye – that’s supposedly better than anything its competitors can offer in every way. Expected to have a hefty price tag just like other Dyson products, the 360 […]

Tremors and volcanic eruptions: the fuel of the future?

From The World Bank Overwhelmed by oil prices, could exploring geothermal energy help the small islands of the Eastern Caribbean to reduce their electricity costs. Instead of scaring people, the energy released by earthquakes and volcanoes could soon jump-start cars, power lamps and fuel machinery. This is especially true on the small islands of the […]

Russian scientists confirm theory supernova stars have thermonuclear origin

From RIANOVOSTI MOSCOW, Astrophysicists from the Moscow-based Space Research Institute (IKI) have confirmed the theory that Type Ia supernova stars emerge as a giant thermonuclear explosion of white dwarfs, in a study published by the Nature scientific journal. The International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory, or INTEGRAL, detected “56Co lines at energies of 847 and 1,238 kiloelectronvolts […]

Cayman Islands RVC Rehab Services introduces Acoustic Wave Therapy machine at CTMH

Encourages being “Fit to Take Part” for World PT Day RVC Rehab Services has been creating healthy lifestyles for over 25 years through physical therapy, massage and childbirth services. Now, RVC is pleased to introduce the next generation of non-invasive therapeutic treatment to the community of the Cayman Islands, with the Miracle Wave™ Acoustic Wave […]

Brain-eating amoeba in towns’ water system

From Sky News Residents are warned as an amoeba that causes a usually fatal illness is detected in the supply of three towns in south Louisiana.10:54pm UK, Thursday 28 August 2014 A deadly amoeba that can destroy brain tissue has been found in the water supply of several towns in southeast Louisiana. The Naegleria fowleri […]

How the digital revolution can fix scientific publishing and speed up discoveries

By Daniel Marovitz From Techcrunch Editor’s note: Daniel Marovitz is CEO of Faculty of 1000. Prior to that, he was the CEO and co-founder of buzzumi, a cloud, enterprise software company. Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing is big business. It generates $19 billion in revenue per year, the majority of which is earned by […]