March 25, 2023

Public support

It has been an emotional last week. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kerran (Kerry-Ann) Baker is still a mystery. The RCIPS have held many police conferences, conducted searches, made appeals, published CCTV pictures, etc. and have had to admit they have no leads. The public support has been immense. They have themselves instigated searches […]

More questions than answers

Not until the last cheque is written by corporate America to all the special interest groups with their insane politics, and hang them on a museum wall next to all those wax figures of career politicians and lobbyists, with a explanation of who these people once were, will America be truly free. What was the […]


Independence Day in Jamaica was last Saturday (6) and there were many who celebrated it here. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands have close ties. The Caymans were officially declared and administered as a dependency of Jamaica from 1863 and that lasted until 1959 although the Governor of Jamaica also remained as the Governor of the […]

Am I the only one confused?

We reported yesterday (4) that no work has started on the Spotts Jetty and has been delayed indefinitely. Premier McKeeva Bush reversed his earlier statements that said a start on the jetty would be made late July. “We are waiting for final contracts and some plans to be finalised,” he said. The China Harbour Engineering […]


I know our Editor-in-Chief is not a big fan of the majority of blogs that fill up the websites of other local media houses but blogging is here to stay and it is everyone’s right to have a voice and therefore blog. There is an estimated 40,000 new blogs being started daily and this has […]

Missing persons

It is heartbreaking when a loved one goes missing. As the days go by and no word is heard, the anguish from family and friends gets worse. Anna Evans has been missing for six months without a trace and now 25 year old Kerran (Kerry) Baker has been missing since Saturday (July 30). Chief Superintendent […]

Guns remain on the streets. Amnesty extended

Sadly it comes as no surprise that the RCIPS latest amnesty was in the words of Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden, “disappointing”. The no questions asked gun amnesty has now been extended for another 31 days and two local businesses have partnered with the RCIPS to have an “Operations Cash ‘n’ Guns’ initiative. As DS Bodden […]


By Joyce Pursley There are right wing politicians and commentators who contend that U.S. policy toward Israel has taken an (unwelcome) turn. The fact  remains that President Obama’s position on Israel is the same as that of every president for the last twenty years, including George W. Bush. It’s one of the few things Bush […]

Editorial – It is the season for vacations

It was a quiet weekend. Not only crime but the political front too seemed to have gone on vacation already. Both parties took a welcome break in slanging one another, although it seems it’s going to break out again as I write this. However, for Government to appoint a person as contact for The Summer […]