June 29, 2022


Dave Martins   A Guyanese friend of mine, Alex Neptune, recently sent me a photo of the Caribbean fruits and vegetables he grows in his backyard in New York; he remarked on the number of fruits we have in the region, and that we appear to have lost some.  Actually most of the fruits I […]

The Martial Arts Experience

Martial arts embrace all of the various extensive systems of training for combat, including self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, as well as mental and spiritual development. Whilst I like watching martial arts, in particular karate, which is really catching on here in the Cayman Islands, would I like to actually do it myself? Former […]

Sponsorship Claws

Another media house has sponsorship deals with some of the quasi-Government bodies i.e. Pirates Week Festival (The C.I. National Festival) and Cayman Arts Festival. In this deal it precludes Pirates Week and Cayman Arts Festival advertising with any other media house INCLUDING FREE advertising. If this wasn’t enough I, being the co-owner of iNews have […]

Working together: RCIPS and you

This newspaper has been preaching over the past three months that the only way we, as a country, can combat crime is to work with the RCIPS as a united team. This unification has to be  on equal terms but the biggest and hardest problem is trust. The majority of the general public do not […]

How to avoid becoming a crime victim

I was speaking to an old friend of mine – a retired law enforcement officer who worked in a precinct in one of the USA’s busiest cities. He visited Grand Cayman recently and he reads iNews every day. He is aware of how our serious crime rate has grown and whilst here he took a […]

Speeding and drinking – disaster in the making

With the sudden spate of road accidents, one a horrific tragedy resulting in the death of a pregnant woman, one wonders why it keeps happening? It would appear that both speeding and drinking was the cause of this one. Undue care and attention is also a contributing factor along with irresponsible flaunting of the rules […]

More colour! More pages! Web changes!

I am very proud to announce that from yesterday, our newspaper went from 28 pages to 32 pages and it’s permanent! From now on only eight pages will be in black and white. We are now publishing iNews Cayman with 24 pages in full colour. We are the only print newspaper to boast this. We […]

Slanting iNews editorials

Slanting a news story to your own personal bias is not a new trend. Michael Moore, the infamous USA filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator, in a presentation I was at some years ago in Vegas boasts about it. The very thing Moore purports to stand for, printing or showing the truth, he actually advocated […]

Koozies: Keep your drink at the right temperature

Do you know what koozies are? The name is interesting, the thing is interesting and the use is interesting. Koozies is not only an interesting name itself but has some more interesting synonyms like kuzzie, kuzzies, coozie and coozies or kozy . They all sound similar though. I haven’t been able to figure out whether  […]

Where Were You?

Alan Jackson, one of America’s top country music artists wrote a song entitled “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)?” in November 2001. It was written in the wake of the September 11th suicide attacks by al-Qaeda on the United States. Do you remember exactly what you were doing on that Tuesday morning when […]