June 20, 2021

More genetically engineered mosquitoes released** (** see Dr. Reeves email below article)

Do you remember the Frankenstein mosquitoes and the lack of transparency the UK firm Oxitec executed here in the Cayman Islands in 2009 without our full knowledge? It created much publicity and our news story and Editorial was republished and commented upon around the world. We even received comment and support from Guy Reeves, a […]

Another Brac Rock Iguana killed by a car

Following our story “Cayman Islands largest Brac Rock Iguana killed by car” that appeared in iNews Cayman on June 19th there has been a similar incident involving another endangered Brac Rock Iguana known as “Little Girl”. Little Girl was run over and killed by a car on Monday (26). Little Girl featured heavily in three […]

Tropical Storm Debby Will Impact Much Of Florida Through Much Of This Week

Monday, June 25, 2012 6:21 am Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather says: Tropical Storm Debby:
Debby has degraded in its appearance overnight due to a combination of dry air intrusion and cooler shelf waters just off of the Florida panhandle. This has caused Debby to weaken to a 50 mph tropical storm this morning. The future […]

The Endangered Blue Iguana

Iguana Images visited the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens and got a behind the scenes tour the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. The Cayman Blue Iguana is a critically endangered species, with only 15 of them still living when they were first counted back in the late 1980s. A recovery programme was immediately started and the […]

The Green Thing

This was sent to us on Monday (25) by one of our readers on the subject of ‘Being Green”, and the huge burden we have placed now on the new generation because, us old generation, never practiced the “green thing”. It really is the old generation’s fault……… or is it? Being Green Checking out at […]

Invest 96L Likely To Become A Tropical Depression Or Tropical Storm Between This Afternoon & Saturday Afternoon

Friday, June 22, 2012 6:38 am by Rob Lightbown Invest 96L was located just north of the Yucatan Peninsula this morning very near 22.36 North Latitude and 89.85 West Longitude. Even though shower and thunderstorm activity was pretty disorganized with a majority of the shower and thunderstorm activity occurring on the east side of 96L […]

Tropical Storm Development Likely This Weekend In The Gulf Of Mexico and Chris is first 2012 hurricane

As of Thursday morning (21) Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather Services said: This morning’s analysis shows an area of low pressure now located very near the Yucatan Channel. Satellite imagery showed scattered deeper convection across the entire length of the Yucatan Channel and into western Cuba. The strongest vorticity at the lower-levels were very close […]

Caribbean leaders sharpen fisheries focus

Member countries of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) now have a more focused agenda for improving sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, coming out of the 6th Meeting of the CRFM’s Ministerial Council, hosted on Friday, June 15, in Nassau, The Bahamas. Outgoing chairman of the Ministerial Council, Minister Hilston Baptiste of Antigua and Barbuda, urged […]

Cayman Island resource managers learn how to manage threats to coral reefs

Resource managers are faced with environmental changes that threaten the health and vitality of coral reef ecosystems as a result of expanding coastal development, tourism and new industries in many Caribbean nations. To assist coral reef resource managers in their mitigation and conservation efforts, NCCOS, through the Coral Disease and Health Consortium with funding support […]

Deep convection very near the Cayman Islands could develop

On Wednesday (20) Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather gave this report: Early morning analysis shows an area of deep convection very near the Cayman Islands. This convection is being caused by a trough of low pressure that extends from western Cuba to the northwestern coast of Honduras. Additionally, radar loops from western Cuba shows a […]