May 28, 2023

Is Banning Foie Gras the Solution to the Problem?

By Eric Steinman Eric Steinman is a freelance writer based in Rhinebeck, NY. He regularly writes about food, music, art, architecture, and culture and is a regular contributor to Bon Appétit among other publications. Foie gras…. discuss! Considering the highly volatile and controversial nature of the subject, it is almost sufficient to just mention this […]

Managing Director Leaves NRA

The National Roads Authority (NRA) Board of Directors have announced that Mr. Brian Tomlinson is no longer employed with the NRA effective 29 June 2012. Mr. Tomlinson served the NRA in his capacity as the Managing Director for almost five years from December 2007 to June 2012. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Colford Scott, […]

Butterfield Trust Makes Senior Appointments To Cayman Office

Butterfield Trust in the Cayman Islands is pleased to announce that it has appointed Brian Balleine to the position of Senior Vice President and Head of Trust and Gina Nelson to the position of Head of Business Development in the jurisdiction. Mr. Balleine will lead a team of 26 trust specialists.  Ms. Nelson will focus […]

Hedge Funds Are Not Like Banks (and That’s Okay!)

By Kevin Roose writing in The New York I can’t decide what the funniest thing is about Azam Ahmed’s Times story* (which expands on a FT story last year) on the ludicrous world of Cayman Islands–domiciled hedge funds and their directors-for-hire, many of whom are paid up to $30,000 per year to do essentially nothing […]

Official: Cayman Rodeo in play

It feels a bit like Texas here in the Cayman Islands. The weather is super hot and the only difference from Texas is, it is steamy and not dry. But we are having a rodeo and the cattle being roped may lead to a stampede – a stampede most of us will enjoy. The cattle […]

Libor scandal: Paul Tucker denies ‘leaning on’ Barclays

The deputy governor of the Bank of England (BoE) has said he did not give Barclays instructions to lower its Libor submissions in 2008. Paul Tucker said no government minister had asked him to “lean on” Barclays over its inter-bank lending rates. But he also told MPs that the BoE and the government feared that […]

Bank Cainvest Approved for Listing on Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Symbol CIB

Cainvest International Bank Ltd. (“Cainvest”) is pleased to announce that the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange has approved Bank Cainvest for listing on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (“CSX”) under the symbol “CIB”. “Following the extensive marketing initiative of the Ministry of Finance in Brazil we are pleased to welcome Cainvest International Bank Ltd. to the […]

10 Important Ideas to Successful Property Investing within the Cayman Islands

From Coldwell Banker Become a Property Investor – 10 Important Secrets Where investing in Cayman Islands real estate is concerned, everyone has certain goals and aspirations. However, we have discovered that there is certain information that every aspiring real estate investor should know: 1. Compare Property Values and Rents The best way of measuring a […]

Manchester United faces double tax bill if it moves to Cayman Islands

MANCHESTER United’s tax bill will rise if its owners complete their proposed move of the club’s parent company to the Cayman Islands, according to its stock market flotation documents. Historically, the Premier League club has only ever been subject to the British tax regime. However, as part of its upcoming flotation in New York, its […]

OCG Files Affidavit in Response to Transport Minister’s Application for Judicial Review of OCG’s Requisition to IOP

Kingston; July 6, 2012 Attorneys for the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) have today filed an Affidavit in the Supreme Court in response to the Application that was recently lodged in the Courts by the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies. Dr. Davies, in his Application, has sought, among […]