December 3, 2020

Catboat members get the cream

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Camana Bay’s Ken Hydes (right) joins in the celebrations as Club President Jerris Miller (second from right) is presented with the first place trophy for the recent Memorial Day Race from Austin Ebanks (left) and Kem Jackson

It was an evening of celebration, as awards for the fastest catboat in the Remembrance Day Race were given out during the Cayman Catboat Club awards dinner at Gardenia Court, Camana Bay.

Club member Loxley Banks helped present the awards for the race that took place last month at Royal Palms Beach.

First place and a cheque for CI$2000 went to Catboat Club President, Captain Jerris Miller and his boat, the Whittacker Cat.

Second place, and a cheque for CI$1500 went to Captian Crosby Ebanks and his boat, See Her Go.

Third place trophy and CI$1000 went to Kem Jackson and his boat, the Captain D.

Fourth place went and CI$750 went John Michael Stafford and their boat, the Brac Cat.

Fifth place, and CI$5000 went to captain Tom Sergerson of Firefly, and sixth place, and a prize of CI$250 went to Rommel Ebanks of the Blue Bayou.

There were also awards for the new National Catboat Championships, sponsored by Camana Bay.  These awards are bestowed on the catboat with the biggest tally of points from all the races throughout the year.

Club President Jerris Miller presents the third place trophy to Captain Crosby Ebanks

The overall winner was the Captain D. Second place award was for the Brac Cat and the third place went to the Chisholm Cat.

During the evening Lifetime memberships of the club  were awarded to Kem Jackson, Loxley Banks and Roy Bush and Mark Vandevelde.

During the dinner, Club President, Jerris Miller spoke highly of Camana Bay’s consistent support for the club’s activities, including sponsorship of the National Championships. He thanked Camana Bay’s Jo Gammage and Davina Tressida and Ken Hydes especially for their help and interest in the club.

Mr. Miller said that Camana Bay’s contribution would pay for the upkeep of the club’s newest acquisition, a very large catboat that has taken a long time to restore, after being bought off the North Side Owner, and would also help the club’s building fund which is being used for the restoration of the clubhouse building in Whitehall Bay that was very badly damaged during Hurricane Ivan.

Ken Hydes, Town Centre Manager at Camana Bay said: “The relationship between Camana Bay and the Catboat Club is very deeply seated in what we hold very near and dear.

“I’ve got probably one of the greatest jobs in the company because as part of the town centre management, and one of the objectives is to promote Cayman Culture within the town centre and also support cultural organisations within the community.”


(Photos by: Christopher Tobutt)

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