February 1, 2023

Caribbean youth offered sail training on ship ‘Eendracht’

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From The Daily Herald St Maarten

Maritime School of the West Indies Director Veerle Rolus (right) with one of the Eendracht captains on a previous visit of the vessel in Marigot.

MARIGOT–The non-profit association Caribbean Sail Training (CSTA) announced Thursday it is again offering great sailing adventures to Caribbean youngsters. In cooperation with the Dutch “Stichting Zeilschip Eendracht” and Maritime School of the West Indies (MSWI) in St. Martin, two trainees will have a chance to sail from Martinique on a nine-day sailing trip starting January 15, and finishing January 23.

CSTA has secured space for two Caribbean youngsters to embark as “trainees” on this adventure, completely free of charge.

Tall ship Eendracht was not in the Caribbean last season and the season before, but took several youngsters on board during previous seasons for trips around the Leewards and other islands and on other voyages.

” We are very happy that foundation “Stichting Zeilschip Eendracht” that operates the vessel Eendracht, and CSTA, gave us again the possibility to have young trainees on board this vessel” said Maritime School Director Veerle Rolus. “We have been working with Eendracht for so many years now and we have experienced that sail training on board a Tall Ship provides young people with a unique opportunity to discover their real and true potential. “The shared experience of meeting the sometimes harsh demands of the sea brings a world of change to youngsters that has surprised educators, parents and psychologists all over the world and wherever sail training exists,” she continued.

“Meeting the challenge of a Tall Ship’s environment develops personal skills, teamwork, and personal accountability, as well as leadership in all who experience it. Students who return to the basics and the sea are offered a compelling learning environment.

“This is even recognized by some of the largest corporations in the world that use Tall Ships as part of their training programme for adults, because it gives their management and staff a quality of excellence that makes them better than just good leaders. “We have always sponsored opportunities from CSTA for the youth to sail on board Tall Ships and other vessels in past years, and with the cooperation from vessels like Eendracht we will continue to do so”.

For the proposed nine-day voyage the ship sails out of Martinique and returns to Martinique, but the vessel will also visit St. Maarten/St. Martin later with crew and different trainees.

CSTA seeks sponsorship and donations and then offers year-round opportunities to sail on board the world’s Tall Ships free of cost for youth. All youngsters who were born on a Caribbean island (girls or boys) or who have lived in the Caribbean for at least 10 years, can apply to sail on one of the vessels.

You must be between the ages of 15 and 25 (no exceptions), have a doctor’s certificate of good health, and letter from your parents allowing you to go on a sail-training trip if you are younger than 18 years old, and a letter from your school (if you are still attending school) that allows you leave to participate in a voyage when it is not during the regular school vacation time.

Each candidate needs to send a motivation/application letter to CSTA. ([email protected]) together with a CV. The Eendracht also offers paid sailing opportunities for adults. For additional information, contact [email protected]

Several other CSTA member ships such as Wylde Swan, Blue Clipper, Morgenster, Fryderick Chopin and others are already in Caribbean waters or will arrive soon.

For more on this story go to: https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/84208-caribbean-youth-offered-sail-training-on-ship-eendracht

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