October 20, 2020

Caribbean League – Major League Football


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CFTL_LOGO_884523093Caribbean League – Major League Football to be launched in 2015! The new MLF says —– Nets will shake!!!

From Anguilla news

Bridgetown, BARBADOS — A significant moment in the history of Caribbean football is expected to take place in September 2015 as the Caribbean Football Trust Limited (CFTL) announces the establishment of the newly, to be constituted, Major League Football (MLF).

The MLF is envisioned to be a professional football league in the Caribbean region seeing twenty (20) teams competing for the league title and over three million ($3,000,000.00)US dollars in prize money with a growth of up to five million ($5,000,000.00)US dollars after the first three (3) years of implementation.

This exciting news comes a week after it was announced by CONCACAF that a special Task Force will be established to ascertain the viability of a professional league in the Caribbean; and the MLF is optimistic they will meet that criteria.

After years of planning by the Directors of the CFTL and its partners; the Chairman and CEO of the CFTL, Chris Anderson, said that the time is now for such a league. Anderson believes that his company is the best institution to implement such a league in the Caribbean because of its non-political agenda and knowledge of the Caribbean football system. We have been doing ongoing evaluations and due diligence exercises throughout the Caribbean since 2002. The result of this analysis is what propelled us to embark on this endeavour, transposing our findings into a concept that makes the interest of the players our ultimate priority.

“It is all about football and not the politics of the sport. We welcome the Task Force and look forward to sharing with them our views on how best to achieve this league and provide our regional players with a source of revenue,” said Anderson.

This announcement comes after support (as it relates to the concept and structure) was garnered from both the President of CONCACAF Mr. Jeffery Webb and the President of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Gordon Derrick, along with other heads of regional Associations/Federations. “I have full confidence in both Mr. Webb and Mr. Derrick – two men whom I greatly respect and support, that they will help us to have the MLF up and running by our proposed start date in 2015.”

“Having reviewed the concept and engage in discussions with the parties involved, I believe the MLF will be successful and I am confident it will be a reality- which is excellent news for our regional footballers,” said the CFTL Chairman Chris Anderson.


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