May 12, 2021

Caribbean immigrant Emmelin Marcina King is still ‘carrying on’ at 100 years old

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carib1k-7From New York Daily News

Youthful in mind and body, the St. Vincent-born great-grandmother celebrates her big birthday with plenty of laughter – and dancing – at a Bronx affair

Ordinary “form letter” congratulations came from the White House, but this recipient, Emmelin Marcina King, exemplifies the extraordinary. The St. Vincent-born immigrant recently celebrated her 100th birthday by doing what she loves to: dancing, laughing and enjoying life.

Known by family and friends as “Tantie Marcina,” King (pictured) was reportedly in rare form for fete marking her centennial, which is officially May 30. Her birthday was celebrated at a joyous affair in the Bronx on May 24. At 100 years of age, her relatives reported King is still in full possession of her faculties, her sense of humor and her dancing skills!

“She was dancing and carrying on,” said her grandniece Cassandra Vernon of the event, held in the Bronx at Maestro’s Caterers on Bronxdale Ave. “And she had a great time,” said Vernon, adding that more than 100 relatives and friends attended the birthday bash.

carib1k-4-copyIn addition to the words of praise from the White House, Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) and City Council Member Mathieu Eugene (D-Brooklyn) brought official birthday greetings for King, who once owned a home and lived in Brooklyn.

King, the seventh of eight children, was born in St. Vincent’s Diamond Village on May 30, 1914. She left the island as a young adult, moved to Aruba and raised a family. Following an older sister and brother who came to the U.S. many decades earlier, King arrived in America in 1946.

She worked as bookkeeping machine operator for a manufacturing company until her retirement 30 years later. With her three siblings, King jointly owned a home on W. 148th St., but later purchased and lived in a house on Rockaway Parkway and, after retiring, at the St. Margaret’s House on Fulton St. in Manhattan. She now lives with relatives on Long Island and plays an active role in the family’s affairs.

“We refer to her as the matriarch of the King family. She’s the oldest one in the family and we look to her for advice, help and things like that when we’re going through whatever we’re going through,” said Vernon.

Though King’s motto is “travel light,” she has tons of relatives. All her siblings have died, but King has her son Kerwyn King, daughter Bernice Maccow, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins who continue to benefit from her love, laughter time-proven guidance.


CASSANDRA VERNON Emmelin Marcina King flanked by her son, Kerwyn King and daughter Bernice Maccow. Her actual birthday is May 30, but her party was held on May 24.

St. Vincent-born Emmelin Marcina King seen throughout the years. The immigrant recently celebrated her 100th birthday in the Bronx – and the youthful centenarian danced and joked at the affair. KING FAMILY ARCHIVES

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