February 17, 2020

Caribbean consul generals


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consul generals in NY celebrate carnival’s 50th

By Alexandra Simon From Caribbean Life

It’s a historic year.

The West Indian American Day Carnival is celebrating its 50th anniversary year and will honor that milestone on Eastern Parkway on Sept. 4, when the annual carnival enters its golden year. As one of the biggest displays of Caribbean culture in the city, the gathering is one of the few chances that island traditions are given a large stage to be revered, and many representatives from the region are also honoring that:

“The office of the consulate in commends the West Indian American Day Carnival Association for the great job they’ve been doing over the years. The Caribbean community depends on this occasion and they look forward to it. It creates a voice for Caribbean people in the city, showcases our culture, brings together people of different ethnicities, and financially it brings in revenue for the government and vendors.”

-Rosemarie Welsh, Grenada’s consul general in New York

“I want to congratulate them and thank them for their efforts and their dedication to Caribbean culture for over 50 years. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but they stuck with it through thick and thin in an effort to maintain the culture of the caribbean in New York city.”

-Barbara Atherley, ’s consul general to New York.

“A lot of people think that we as Caribbean people are here as visitors and here to take away than to add value, but we also can provide value through our culture. I think the establishment of carnival 50 years ago was a good move. It showcases what we have to offer in the Caribbean, from our food, cultures, music, and of course the costumes. This display is also a reminder that this is what the enslaved people did when they got together and found ways to keep themselves entertained.”

-Donna Hunte-Cox, Barbados’ Consul General to New York.


Photo by Nelson A. King
Grenada’s Consul General in New York Rosemarie Welsh.

Photo by Tangerine Clarke, File
Guyana ‘s Consul General in New York, Barbara Atherley

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