January 31, 2023

Caribbean Catastrophe

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6615_121404565072_3897718_n-267x300By Jacob Gelt Dekker From Curaçao Chronicle

Jacob Gelt Dekker In the communist party paper, Grandma, former communist dictator, Fidel Castro, slammed Obama’s visit to Havana, while praising the grand accomplishments of his own 50-year bloody and ruthless Castro-Stalinism.

Intellectual scavengers, picking the last bits of rotting meat off the carcass of Castro-communism, was the straw that broke the ailing leader’s back. In a media counteroffensive, the world learned about a Castro-miracle drug, a real communist blessing, a lung cancer vaccine for heavy cigar smokers. Unworldly-Castro was obviously ignorant of the world that quit smoking.

Over Easter weekend, the Florida Keys welcomed, at least, three loads with a total of 127 Cuban boat refugees; a third had gunshot wounds. The refugees gave dramatic testimony about escape while under fire by Cuban Coast Guard. After inspection, it became apparent that the wounds had to be self-inflicted, with 20 mm pistol bullets shot in arms and legs. The staged drama had to facilitate legitimate refugee status. How desperate people can be?

Tortured by long series of disasters, like Mosaic plagues, the Caribbean populations are imploding and people are voting with their feet. Millions already reached new countries with promising futures for their children.

The USA harbors over 1,2 million Cuban, and 680,000 Haitians while the Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Dominican populations have become part of the urban landscape, giving inspiration to cultural treasures like “ Westside Story”. Europe, France, GB, and the Netherlands, had to welcome well over 50% of its former island-colony inhabitants.

Wave-after-wave of bloody murderous narco-crimes, devastating earthquakes, HIV-epidemics, drug addiction, Red Palm Weevil, constant Dengue and Chikungunya outbursts hit the island populations hard.

The collapse of the oil refinery industry on the islands, fed by Pdvsa and Chavez-communism in Venezuela in the south, made, and will make the economic decline even faster. In the north, the Cuba-Castro brothers will be dead soon, and a new Cuba may soak up most of the Caribbean-tourist industry.

In the west is Mexico, with relentless narco wars, costing the lives of thousands.

On top of this devastating regional development is a new plague in the form of the mosquito-spread, Zika virus. It is endangering the remaining Caribbean population. Women get the medical advice to avoid pregnancies or to move out of the zone to another continent. Zika has no cure.

Without population growth, the Caribbean will die, gradually and economies shrink into a total abyss.

For more on this story go to: http://curacaochronicle.com/columns/caribbean-catastrophe/

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