November 29, 2023

Car trip to Puerto Rico: How to arrange and where to go?


As a sunny resort with a huge range of activities, Puerto Rico won’t disappoint even the most discerning traveler. Amazing sandy beaches, an incredible selection of historical sites, and stunning landscapes: you have access to the most interesting spots on the island if you rent a car. Therefore, it would be a great idea to pick up Payless car rental Puerto Rico and enjoy an incredible road trip! 

A rental car will allow you to find both the most famous and the most secret sights while traveling at your own pace. However, it’s very important to arrange your journey in a nice way and make a list of places to go in advance. For your convenience, we have already done everything for you and are ready to share with you a recipe for a successful trip to Puerto Rico!

How to Rent a Car in Puerto Rico?


Where to pick up a rental car? 

The best way to rent a car is to pick it up at the airport. All major car rental companies operate there, including Payless, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, etc., which allows you to count on a great car at a cheap price. However, picking up a rental car on spot is not always a good idea. Better to book your car online a few weeks before your trip. You can do this through the special Puerto Rico car rental app offering great deals from reliable suppliers. 

Which company to choose? 

Among all companies, give preference to well-known brands, for example, Payless. As a highly trusted vendor, Payless is very popular with savvy travelers. In addition, it has one of the lowest prices on the car rental market. Besides Payless, you can also consider other major agencies such as Alamo, National, Avis, etc. 

What documents do you need? 

Payless, Enterprise, Budget, and other international brands require the following documents: 

  • credit card in the name of the driver;
  • valid driver’s license;
  • booking confirmation voucher;
  • passport, or similar document confirming your identity.

Where to Go in Puerto Rico by Car Rental?

Amazing caves 


In the northwest of the country, you will find Camuy River Cave Park with an extensive network of caves. Rio Camuy is a mysterious underworld that was formed 45 million years ago. Among the 800 halls, no more than 200 ones have been explored so far, but only a small part of them is available for travelers. 

This natural miracle, which hasn’t yet revealed all its secrets to mankind, impresses with its beauty and size. There’s almost never sunshine in the mysterious 200-meters-high and about 130-meters-deep grottoes. That’s why and a completely different world opens up in the underworld. Experts have discovered rare species of blind fish living in underground lakes, while bizarre karst formations resemble alien landscapes.

Wide beaches 

IMAGE: Wikipedia

As the main attractions of Puerto Rico, the gorgeous local beaches amaze with their beauty. Slender palms grow straight from the sand, which looks truly fantastic. The water here is clear, and the bottom is smooth. So, you can safely let the kids go swimming. 

Vacationers love the beaches of Vieques, with the well-equipped Sun Bay being the most popular. On the other hand, Secret Beach is ideal for those looking for some privacy. Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island is a favorite vacation spot for families with small children, as the water hardly rises at high tide. Despite the abundance of beaches, you will enjoy excellent service wherever you go.

Stunning natural areas


The nature of Puerto Rico is very beautiful, and a rental car is the best way to explore it. The 11,300 hectares of El Yunque National Forest are one of the most popular destinations in Puerto Rico. The misty emerald green forest, located in the extreme northeast of the island, is a site of immense biodiversity, yet it’s just an hour’s drive from the capital of San Juan. 

At the highest points, more than 500 centimeters of precipitation falls per year, which provides enough moisture for the plants. When preparing for your trip to El Yunque National Forest, be sure to take a raincoat and waterproof hiking boots with you, as rains are quite common there. There’s over 38 km of walking trails in the forest, promising an amazing hiking experience.

Architectural masterpieces 

IMAGE: Puerto Rico – Wikipedia

The sights of Puerto Rico allow you not only to have fun, but also to spend time with benefit, exploring local architectural masterpieces. Numerous monuments, combining many different cultures from different continents, convey the energy of the colonial time. 

Most of these places are located in San Juan, where you can easily get to with your rental car. This largest cultural, historical and political center of Puerto Rico is a real open-air museum. The old town with colorful colonial-style houses and cobblestone streets is a great place to stroll and admire San Juan’s rich cultural heritage.

Modern sights

IMAGE: Arecibo Radiotelescopio – Wikipedia

What else to see in Puerto Rico? When it comes to modern sights, don’t miss the Arecibo Observatory, located 15 kilometers from the town of the same name. The spherical radio telescope used to study the solar system is considered to be the largest in the world. The diameter of its antenna is 305 meters, and it looks like a huge bowl dug into the top of a mountain.

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