October 20, 2020

Canada joins the World Orphans Day Campaign for 2013 and 2014!


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Cheryl Robeson

Cheryl Robeson

On Monday, November 11, 2013, there were events, vigils and proclamations commemorating the day as World Orphans Day in various countries around the world.

World Orphans Day is commemorated the second Monday in November each year. Successful grassroots efforts initiated and facilitated by Nashville based, The Stars Foundation, are being expanded to include a nationwide Canadian campaign.

The World Orphans Day promotional campaign is augmented and supported by the Television series’ produced by Iceman Productions, titled America Rising. The America Rising television series is cleared for broadcast in 210 USA markets and will start airing in fall of 2014. The series will have 2 episodes showcasing the CAV units in their participation of several events including Highway of Heroes, and will join our American patriots in Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder.

Canadian Army Veterans, (CAV) with over 4,000 members, is led by the inspirational Founder, Paul “Trapper” Cane, who has confirmed that their organization will embark on fundraising efforts for orphans and displaced children in     the 2014 commemoration.

In a segment of the 2 Canadian episodes of America Rising, CAV members will be interviewed on their volunteer efforts in association with World Orphans Day. Paul “Trapper” Cane was recently appointed the Honorary Chairman for Canada for World Orphans Day. The Canadian Army Veterans (CAV) organization is comprised of hundreds of motorcycle units across Canada, with armed forces veterans comprising the units, riding for charitable events.

Geoff Bodine

Geoff Bodine

Geoff Bodine, the legendary NASCAR driver from North Carolina, serves as an on air host for the America Rising television series, bringing the spotlight on America Rising’s select charities that are helping children of our fallen heroes in the US and Canada.

Motorcycle rides and charitable yearlong fundraising efforts are taking place in 2014 to support fine organizations that support the children left behind by wars as well as honoring the valiant ones defending our homeland. Geoff Bodine, will serve as the Grand Marshall for Rolling Thunder’s Flame of Freedom Ride, filmed for America Rising for the week of May 14-26. 2014. He served in the US ARMY and is known for his continued support of military and veteran causes. He especially reaches out to support children left behind by our fallen heroes, through TSF partnerships.

Cheryl Robeson stated, “Every two seconds, a child becomes an orphan. Ninety nine percent of the orphaned children are never adopted. Orphanages in third world countries are educating, feeding and supporting to the best of their abilities, but more effort needs to be exerted by the global community.

“We are excited to announce that in 2012; over 22 countries, their orphan care and adoption agencies, and government officials promoted the day and held events giving rise to increased awareness to the plight of orphans globally. With Canada coming on so strong in 2014, and with the combined release of the Television Series America Rising, we feel that the word will spread and many more nations will follow suit to bring global unity in solving the issues to support these underprivileged children.

“Over 60,000,000 children in the world go to bed hungry at night, and most of those are orphans,” stated Stella Parton in her nationwide TV PSA for the cause as one of the celebrity Ambassadors of Goodwill for The Stars Foundation and World Orphans Day.

Paul Trapper Crane

Paul Trapper Crane

Last year, while thousands of churches and organizations sought prayer from their memberships in Africa and India, a young AIDS orphan activist, brought her event to the forefront in Kenya. In Nairobi, Scars to Stars founder, Catherine Gitonga, an AIDS orphan from childhood, hosted a proclamation ceremony, with Ms. Scott Gration, the wife of the former US Ambassador to Kenya, Scott Gration, serving as an Honorary Chairwoman of the World Orphans Day for Kenya’s event.

“We encourage the UN goals as set forth by the World Food Programmes Project Lazer Beam to eradicate hunger and child malnutrition,” Cheryl Robeson stated. “We are focusing our efforts in 2014 to bring together a select panel of top level global leaders in the field of displaced children and orphans, a female head of state, members of royalty, and a few women of influence out of Nashville and Hollywood to advocate for the hurting and disenfranchised children of the world. It is our great desire to convene in a Caribbean nation that would welcome this high profile and philanthropic endeavor and help us to bring instrumental think tank leaders and philanthropists to a World Orphans Global Leadership Forum”. The date of the Forum, with a Gala, is to be determined after site visits in the region.

The Stars Foundation is a United States based entertainment industry nonprofit 501 (c) 3 with a mission to serve as an advocacy organization for peace and children’s rights, contributing to the quality of life of Americans as well as the victims to AIDS, natural disasters and poverty on an international level.

Cheryl Robeson and an events team plan to be in the Cayman Islands in mid- December of 2013 for discussions with interested venues, and collaborative sponsors. Philanthropists and local and North American prominent social activists in the field may contact Roger Piggott for possible ways to help with the events.

PHOTOS: Geoff Bodine Ambassador of Goodwill

Cheryl Robeson Founder, World Orphan’s Day

Paul “Trapper” Cane, Founder, C.A.V.



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